Processing healthy fats and oils the right way   For a long time, lipids were thought to cause weight gain and, as such, avoiding them was recommended. Numerous studies have recently shown, though, that this is not entirely true; certain … Read More

Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients

Naturally Unique Plantcaps® Capsules: a Next Generation Capsule Essential Making Cleaner, More Sustainable Choices   Stephane Vouche, Marketing Manager, Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients When consumers today choose what they put into their bodies, and as they fill their carts … Read More

Lallemand Health Solutions

    Her ally for a healthy intimate flora   A convenient orally administered probiotic shown to support women’s intimate health   Probiotics for women’s health Over the past five years, the market for nutritional ingredients for women’s health carried … Read More

GNT Group

Why plant-based colours are the perfect choice for plant-based products   Heavily processed meat and fish alternatives with chemical colours are falling short of expectations. EXBERRY® Coloring Foods provide the ideal solution, using plant-based materials to deliver spectacular results, writes … Read More


Yummy, Chewy, Healthy: New catalyst for the soaring gummies supplement market Concept aimed at children now also driven by adult demand In increasing prevalence of vitamin deficiencies, along with growing awareness of the need for on-the-go supplements, is fuelling a … Read More


    Plant-based innovation: How can brands navigate evolving consumer preferences to create winning meat alternatives?   Gilbert Verschelling, Director Business Development & Innovation at DSM While demand for traditional meat products continues to grow, consumers are also increasingly adding … Read More

Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH

Microencapsulation of minerals   Mineral Salts are added as a nutritional or functional ingredient in food. They are produced by chemical reactions to achieve clearly defined products with a very high purity and functionality. Numerous different combinations of anions and … Read More


  Sweet and exotic enjoyment without the guilt   Eating is synonymous with enjoyment – and in these uncertain times, it is something that is being celebrated and appreciated like never before. With populations unable to travel freely at present, … Read More

HMOs and asthma

HMOs and asthma By Janet Fricker   Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) may provide the ‘missing link’ explaining the benefits breast feeding confers in asthma prevention, suggest Canadian researchers. The effect, postulate Meghan Azad and colleagues, from the University of Manitoba, … Read More

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