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Traditional and innovative health products from the Black Forest


The Black Forest, with its incredible biodiversity of local herbs and medicinal plants, forms a diverse habitat of forests and grasslands in the Southwest of Germany.

This is exactly the area where Anton Hübner, a traditional manufacturer of innovative health products, is located. The experience, gained from 85 years of company history, supplemented by modern scientific know-how, is the medium of success.

Hübner products originate from nature’s recipe combined with pharmaceutical knowledge, German precision and a respect for partners and the environment. The products are characterized by a high level of quality, effectiveness and compatibility.

The manufacturer works according to the specifications laid down in the EU-GMP regulations (Good Manufacturing Practice) for pharmaceuticals as well as an established HACCP system and also fulfil self-imposed high quality criteria. Their uncompromising concepts are orientated on ISO, organic farming and other quality certifications.

The success story already began in the early 1920’s with the traditional product “Tannenblut®”, which is one of the oldest herbal medicines against colds in Germany sold worldwide. This product, made of medicinal herbs with rock sugar and forest honey, used to help the textile workers in the dusty air of their workshops to soothe respiratory illnesses. Since then Tannenblut® has been used successfully against respiratory complaints for almost 100 years. Furthermore, Hübner is especially distinguished by its careful selection of ingredients and the special production process without preservatives.

In 2015, Hübner expanded its Tannenblut® range with an organic herbal preparation for the first time and optimized the recipe in 2020. This organic product has a pleasant taste and contains high quality and gently processed herbal extracts like thyme, fennel, elderflower, spearmint, lemon verbena and conifer sprouts.

These pure plant substances are combined with organic forest honey, cane sugar and natural Vitamin C from acerola to produce a tasty herbal preparation for pharynx, throat and respiratory system. The Tannenblut® organic herbal preparation can be used at the first signs of a cold, to prevent infections and to support the immune system.

Forest honey

Honey consists of more than 180 different ingredients that act as a natural antibiotic and provide swift relief. These include certain enzymes, proteins and phytochemicals (so called flavonoids)1. Forest honey in particular comes mainly from plants from forests and has an intense malty taste and a higher content of minerals and trace elements compared to flower honey2. In addition, honey adheres well to the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat and can thus contribute to a more intensive effect of the other beneficial ingredients in the herbs3.


Gourmets love thyme for its aromatic flavour. Alternative medics value the plant for its other qualities. This classic herb has been used to treat coughs since ancient times. Due to its content of essential oils especially thymol, thyme has a disinfecting effect and inhibits the growth of bacteria and helps to remove mucus from the airways4.


Fennel is rich in essential oils and facilitates the breathing due to fenchone5.


From May to the end of June, the elder bush develops its white umbels of blossoms, which can be smelled from a long way off. Elderflowers are often used to treat colds and fevers. Due to their expectorant and antispasmodic properties, elderflowers help to relieve cough symptoms6.


Peppermint is widely known as a herbal tea to be enjoyed even when one is not sick. However, it has healing properties too. Mint has several properties that have a positive effect on colds. It is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial, anti-irritant and analgesic7.

Lemon verbena

Lemon verbena is a species from the verbena family (Verbenaceae). It has a strong citrus aroma, however, and is very different in appearance. Lemon verbena’s properties are most beneficial when it comes to resisting infections8.


Conifer sprouts

Conifers are typical of the Black Forest. The tender shoots of conifer sprouts have been used for centuries as a remedy for coughs, colds, runny noses and hoarseness – and for good reason. Their high concentration of essential oils, including bornyl acetate and alpha pinene, is remarkable. These have an expectorant effect, relieve inflammation and inhibit the growth of bacteria9.

Tannenblut® organic herbal preparation combines all of the natural properties of its selected herbs and is characterized by its pleasant herbal flavour. It is also free from alcohol, lactose and gluten as well as suitable for vegetarians and the whole family (children from 4 years).

Over the years, the recipe has been adapted in line with the latest scientific findings to fit the requirements of the day. In the meantime, the product range has been extended by further products like Tannenblut® nose balm, a natural cosmetic for moistening and care of the nose, filled throat candies (containing natural menthol, peppermint-, eucalyptus- and fennel oil), throat pastilles and a liquid bath essence with essential oils, beneficial to the airways and a pleasant treatment for colds and muscular tension.

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