Apex Dynamics warning over copycat products

Apex Dynamics, the servo and planetary gearbox manufacturer, is warning customers to be wary of copycat products that simply are not up to the job.
The company is renowned for its range of innovative motion control products that are more cost-effective and quicker to source than competitor items. The market -leading company, which invests heavily in research and development and the latest high volume production machinery, already has an established PE Economy range.
But it has come to light that other manufacturers have seen the success of Apex Dynamics’ solutions and have begun to offer a range of copycat products that simply do not match the originals.
For example, Stober has just introduced a PE Economy range using the same name as Apex’s PE Economy – but that’s where the comparisons stop.
The copycat products offer up to 50 percent less nominal torque, up to 30 percent less accel torque, less backlash accuracy but higher inertia, and less ratio options. Furthermore, there are no right-angled models for the Stober product, and the warranty is for just 12 months whereas Apex Dynamics offers a five-year warranty.
Mike Gulliford, Managing Director at Apex Dynamics, said: “It’s quite flattering to be copied, of course it is, but the potential confusion for customers must be taken very seriously. There are very real differences in the two PE Economy ranges, with ours clearly demonstrating exceptional value for money and better quality.
“What’s more, our guaranteed lead times mean that our gearboxes can be delivered within three weeks. No other manufacturer can offer this unique level of service.”
Apex Dynamics recently made it even easier for customers to find solutions when it unveiled its easy-to-use Servo Gearbox Converter App, which allows engineers to convert from key competitor products to Apex Dynamics solutions.
When using the app, all the engineer has to do is enter the competitor gearbox type details, get the equivalent Apex model number and then simply click on the “call us to request a quote or discuss” or fill in the contact form and they will receive a prompt reply. 
The converter app can be found in the iPhone app store or on Google Play with the title “Servo Gearbox Converter”.
For more about Apex Dynamics, visit www.apexdynauk.com.

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