Announcement from the Innovations team

We hope all of our readers, colleagues and families are safe and well following the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in our lifetime and at Innovations we look forward to taking on the new challenges to our new way … Read More

Know-how transfer in counterfeit protection

Jörg Willburger Product and Project Manager Syntegon Technology   Recent food scandals, such as contaminated milk powder or rotten meat, have made one thing clear: counterfeit products in the food industry have a drastic impact. Not only do they endanger … Read More

Vertex – made for snack inspections

It’s official. European’s love their snacks. With more than 60% adding them into their weekly grocery baskets, 30% buying on-demand and 66% trying healthier alternatives such as popped, rice-based and baked alternatives1, snack processing and packaging lines look set to … Read More

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