Making plant-based the preferred choice   These days, plant-based alternatives to products of animal origin, such as meat or milk, are key inclusions in many consumers’ diets. And such offerings have become even more popular as a result of huge … Read More


    Fighting fatigue amid a global health crisis   Fear of getting sick, social distancing and intense work schedules: the consequences of the pandemic have put many people under a huge amount of psychological strain. According to a Forsa … Read More


  Creating a sustainable future, together   With consumers increasingly demanding food and drink products with transparent, ethical origins, it’s never been more important to embrace sustainable practices at every stage of the supply chain. Many are actively seeking ways … Read More


Creating a point of difference in plant-based alternatives   Over the past few years plant-based food has become more than just a trend, no longer something just for those observing a vegan diet but accessible to everyone. Research has found … Read More


Vitafoods 2021: The collagen and gelatin innovations you need to know before the show     Florencia Moreno Torres, Global Business Development Manager, Health & Nutrition Rousselot® Following almost two years of delays and disruption, the food and beverage industry … Read More


Exploring the plant-based revolution   Amid the ever-changing global landscape, the demand for plant-based products rose fast between 2015-2020, with new product launches featuring a plant-based claim increasing by a CAGR of 60% globally[1]. Declan Rooney, Strategic Marketing Manager Savoury … Read More


Indena Berbevis®: Keep your metabolism balanced, naturally   Berberine, a long history of a natural treasure   Berberine is a plant alkaloid with a long history of medicinal use in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. It is present in Hydrastis … Read More


Taking candy treats to the next level through sensory experiences   According to research by food anthropologist Caroline Hobkinson, alongside food nostalgia and permissive indulgence, sensory experiences will be important to consumers over the coming 20 years. Here Rudy Wouters, … Read More

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Supporting the immune system with dietary fibers and polyphenols: good news for consumers and the food industry   Interview with Dr Stefan Siebrecht, Managing Director, Taiyo GmbH, Germany   Taiyo, a pioneer in the research and production of functional ingredients … Read More


Rising to the formulation challenge: how can hydrolyzed collagen help create high-protein food and drink products with better taste, texture and health appeal?   Dr. Sara De Pelsmaeker, Global Business Development, Rousselot Health & Nutrition     People worldwide have … Read More

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