Taiyo GmbH

Supporting the immune system with dietary fibers and polyphenols: good news for consumers and the food industry   Interview with Dr Stefan Siebrecht, Managing Director, Taiyo GmbH, Germany   Taiyo, a pioneer in the research and production of functional ingredients … Read More


Rising to the formulation challenge: how can hydrolyzed collagen help create high-protein food and drink products with better taste, texture and health appeal?   Dr. Sara De Pelsmaeker, Global Business Development, Rousselot Health & Nutrition     People worldwide have … Read More

Lecico GmbH

Cream of the crop: How lecithin is transforming ice cream into a functional, health-focused indulgence     by Timo Nieraese, Senior Area Sales Manager at Lecico GmbH     Indulgent snacking was a major consumer trend in 2020 amidst the … Read More


Out of the rut and into the plant-based future   Plant-based meat alternatives are stuck in the same old formats. Three key parameters plus the right ingredient solution can keep innovation alive By Flemming Østergaard, Strategic Marketing Manager, IFF   … Read More

ICL Group

ICL driving plant-based food innovation in Europe     Plant-based seems to be taking the world by storm. Consumers can find these ingredients in just about every aisle of the grocery store now – from meat alternatives to dairy and … Read More

Hydrosol – Planteneers

“We texture taste”   Hydrosol Brand relaunch: Focus on old and new strengths   Dr. Matthias Moser CEO  Food Ingredients Division SternWywiol Gruppe   In recent years Hydrosol made a name for itself with its new solutions in the plant-based … Read More


eimele® launches innovative functional coffee to tackle your metabolism concerns       Throughout life we acquire wisdom and gain experience however as we age, physiologically our body’s metabolism and metabolic rate all start to slow down.  At eimele® a … Read More

Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH

      Minerals for Meatless Meat       Through human nutrition, the human organism has adapted its physiology to the omnivorous lifestyle in the course of evolution. For example, human teeth are extremely well-suited to break up meat … Read More

Weishardt International

WEISHARDT, a relevant player in Immune health   Author: Christelle Bonnet, PhD   In 2019, the immune health supplements market size was USD16.32 billion. It is now projected to reach USD29.40 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 7.4% during … Read More


Joining forces for success   Omya and GELITA develop a prototype drink for bone health   Working together with other companies can bring many benefits. All parties can profit from each other’s expertise, and potential new avenues can be explored. … Read More

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