Cool options from Interfood

Freezing and cooling are integral parts of many food processing operations, providing the opportunity for optimal structure preservation, maximum durability, freshness and flavour, along with ease of product handling.

Available from Interfood Technology’s dedicated Cooking & Cooling/Pasteurisation Division is a range of options from Alco and Maurer-Atmos, two of the biggest names in temperature control solutions.

The Alco ASK Spiral Freezer provides even and gentle cooling, with the spiral technology ensuring a maximum conveyor line within a small footprint, thereby optimising use of available processing space. Individually designed to specific customer requirements, the freezer features an innovative belt system which offers continuous adjustability of production speed. Different gap sizes between the individual levels of the spiral belt allow products of various sizes to be accommodated. Minimal product weight loss is achieved through the highly efficient evaporator and ventilator unit which quickly freezes products uniformly, minimising the effects of dehumidification.

Multiple spirals can be combined in a single machine and the freezer is suitable for all freon refrigerants, including ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), ice water and brines. Different thawing options are available, including circulating air, hot gas or water. Ease of operation is ensured through an intuitive touch panel which features recipe management and a link to remote maintenance service capability.

For those requiring batch and semi-continuous cooling, Interfood offers the IUL intensive-cooling system from Maurer. The use of a water shower and integrated misting system shortens process times while cooling costs are reduced by optimising the use of ambient air.

Solutions can be tailored to individual processing requirements based on the system’s small, space-saving footprint. Common applications include preparation of products which are peeled, sliced and packed.

Steam pressure sterilisation reduces the presence of any bacteria and ease of cleaning is ensured through the stainless steel design. The multi-trolley solution, with individual fans located in each trolley position, offers a variety of configurations to meet a range of different requirements, from small to large operations.