Engilico presents new seal inspection solution for rigid plastic packages at PPMA show

Better packaging results with 100% inline inspection
Contamination in the sealing area causes important issues for food companies as it may lead to leakage and consequently reduced shelf life, health issues and even expensive recalls with potential brand damage. As such automatic detection of contaminated seals is important for both food safety and production automation in packaging.
Engilico™, pioneer in non-destructive in-line seal inspection for flexible packaging, presents a new tray inspection solution at PPMA UK. The inspection solution uses hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology to detect contamination in the seal of trays with a much higher contrast than standard vision cameras. Even with printed plastic foils -when contamination is hardly visible for traditional vision-based systems- seal contamination can be detected by a hyperspectral camera. Typical
applications are in-line inspection of trays or pots with meat, fish cheese and vegetables.
For seal quality control of flexible packages Engilico presents its patented SealScope™ an easy to integrate and non-destructive in-line seal inspection and process monitoring technology. Via sensors mounted on the sealing jaws, SealScope™ detects product in seal, wrinkles and tapered seals. It also issues early warnings for process drifts enabling preventive machine maintenance.
Engilico (Belgium) delivers innovative technologies to inspect, optimize and monitor the sealing process of flexible and rigid packaging. These technologies enable customers to realize better packaging quality, higher packaging productivity and end-of-line automation.
Website: www.engilico.com

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