Fulton launches intelligent sequencing system for steam boiler installations

Process steam and heat transfer specialist Fulton has launched SCOPE, an all-new, PLC-based boiler sequencing control system that can optimise installations to ensure energy efficient operation and improve boiler longevity.

With many facilities operating multiple boilers for their processes, SCOPE is a universal control system suitable for sequencing up to four steam boilers, which can be retrofitted to existing vertical and horizontal fuel-fired boiler installations, including Fulton’s own range of existing and planned products and those manufactured by other boiler OEMs.

Commenting for Fulton, managing director Carl Knight says: “Using SCOPE’s intelligent sequencing to provide redundancy and reliability, significant savings can be made by automating start-up and shut-down procedures, controlling and optimising main steam header pressure or temperature, ensuring steam supply is controlled precisely for the required process and balancing the load distribution across the boilers, thus eliminating extensive losses from repeated start/stop cycling of burners.”

At launch, SCOPE features a high-definition touch screen used for system programming and displaying boiler status, with values presented including firing rate, fault history, TDS value logging. SCOPE also allows remote access so service engineers can review boiler status and/or alarm conditions and control system functionality according to process demand.

Additional features include lead/lag control of up to four boilers; multiple setpoints for lead, assist lag and banked control; steam header pressure monitoring with low/high alarm warning facility; automatic changeover of banked/lag boiler in the event of a fault or increased steam demand; automated slow-opening steam valve control to assist safe operation of boiler priority, emergency steam valve and/or boiler shutdown; hot-well temperature control; and boiler status, steam flow and hot-well tank temperature logging.

For further information on SCOPE email sales@fulton.co.uk, call +44 (0)117 972 3322 or click www.fulton.co.uk.