Futamura launches dedicated website for NatureFlex™

Futamura, the world’s leading manufacturer of renewable and compostable cellulose films has produced NatureFlex™, a range of certified home and industrial compostable packaging films, since 2003. Since then, the film grades and their manufacturing process has continued to evolve, making it one of today’s most sought after bio-packaging films. Thanks to its excellent barrier properties, heat sealability, natural dead-fold, machinability and optical clarity, NatureFlex is a favourite amongst brands looking to make a simple switch from conventional plastic films to a more sustainable choice, without compromising product protection.

Due to it’s rising popularity Futamura has launched a dedicated website for NatureFlex; www.natureflex.com, that gives CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and ethical brands an easily accessible way to see how these high-performance compostable packaging films are being used in today’s market.

Futamura has experienced year-on-year sales growth since its acquisition of the Innovia Cellulose Films’ business in 2016. With the media and NGOs shining the spotlight more and more on plastic pollution, the consumer demand for responsibly sourced and compostable packaging films has never been higher. Futamura provides their customers with years of manufacturing expertise combined with a modern solution for the ethically savvy shopper.

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