GEA Remote Support: new service packages for expert assistance available

In a fast-changing world, GEA is committed to maintaining close, even instantaneous communication with customers and helping them navigate the new normal. With GEA Remote Support, GEA experts are instantly available via video, which neither requires pre-installing software nor an updated IT-infrastructure. GEA now offers customers two new service packages providing different types of remote
expert assistance, ensuring availability in every situation without compromising safety and security.

Easy and secure real-time video communication with GEA experts
The GEA Remote Support Standard Package includes instant GEA expert support and is compatible with any commercially mobile device. This GEA Remote Support option leverages a video streaming service that is safe and ensures the protection of customer data given it uses a closed video network, which means IPs and production processes are protected. With the Standard Package, customers can initiate a session from their own production location via email or SMS, which contains a secure link to initiate a video conversation. This option also allows for sharing imagery back and forth during the conversation, as well as sending descriptions and instructions via the chat function. All of this is possible without the customer having to install a new application.

Hands-free service solution with GEA Remote Eye Wear
To make accessing support even easier for customers, GEA Remote Support also offers a second, hands-free option: The new Eye Wear Package includes specially-designed glasses and provides customers with the freedom to communicate with GEA experts while performing tasks. The optimized GEA Remote Eye Wear glasses include an integrated high-resolution camera and reliable microphone, providing several bidirectional functions. By projecting images onto the eye wear screen, repairs, process optimizations or inspections can be carried out immediately.