HERZA Schokolade expands into unusual flavours

New product lines: Chocolate pieces with liquorice notes and tea flavours

Flavour pairing is a big trend, and not just in food service. The idea of combining flavours in new ways is also creating new possibilities in classic categories like supermarkets. HERZA Schokolade has now launched two very special lines of chocolate pieces with new flavour notes. Especially intended for muesli, nut mixes, cookies and ice cream, they give brands a way to stand out from the competition.

Tasty Tea Time

Tea is all about relaxation, enjoyment and well-being. This positive image can be leveraged in exciting product ideas with HERZA’s new Tasty Tea Time range. Its six different varieties bring together various tea mixtures with quality chocolate indulgence. For example, African Rooibos Orange zings up white chocolate leaves with the popular taste of rooibos and orange oil. Japanese Matcha Peach is a combination of green matcha tea, orange and peach notes in double leaves of white chocolate. Indian Chai is perfect for ice cream or snacks – long, flat squares of milk chocolate with a spicy mix of ginger, cardamom and cloves. For an intense chocolate taste with fruity ginger and lemon nuances there’s Asian Ginger Lemon. These broad dark chocolate squares are 50 percent cocoa, and are great for hot chocolate drinks among other things. The new products are also available in organic versions.

Bitter Sweet Liquorice

With its new Bitter Sweet Liquorice line HERZA shows the courage for unusual creations. Whether salty, with a bit of crunch or a bit of heat, these six products leave no liquorice wish unmet. For example, the brown buttons of soft milk chocolate with mild liquorice nonpareilles are ideal as decor, monoproduct or muesli ingredient. People who like a peppery liquorice taste will love HERZA’s little rhombs of black cocoa butter glaze with chili and salty liquorice. And it gets even more out of the ordinary, with chopped pieces of cocoa butter glaze with fruity raspberry bits and intense liquorice flavour. These new products give customers a wide scope for creative new product ideas.


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