Hi-Line support NHS in medical gas dryer production

Hi-line Industries, the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of air/gas dryers and nitrogen generators, is lending its support to the NHS in combating the current COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s fabrication department have been working round the clock to build and despatch medical gas dryers for a number of new NHS Nightingale and existing hospitals, supplying equipment against stringent deadlines. As key workers in the crisis, their service department is remaining open to support the NHS and customers in essential industries such as medical, healthcare and food manufacturing.

Hi-line Industries, founded in 2000, has established an enviable reputation in energy-efficient air/gas purification equipment. The ISO9001-certified company, which is a member of the British Compressed Air Society, is based in Burton-upon-Trent and supports the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign. Solutions from Hi-line, including critical medical gas equipment, are designed and built to the highest quality standards, and backed by a five-year warranty.

These factors proved pivotal in the company’s selection to help combat the current pandemic. For instance, at the new 500-bed Birmingham Nightingale Hospital, Hi-line has supplied critical nitrogen generators and medical gas dryers. The company’s medical gas dryers are built as duplex units, so that in the extremely unlikely case of failure, a second dryer comes on stream. Such failsafe operation is paramount in medical industry applications, where any issues can potentially be a matter of life and death. Furthermore, every medical gas dryer manufactured by Hi-line features dewpoint control at all load levels to deliver continuous dry gas performance, unlike thermal/chilled mass dryers.

Continued……The Birmingham Nightingale Hospital, which is located at the National Exhibition Centre, is one of seven Nightingale hospitals being set up around the country as part of a massive NHS effort to respond to the biggest global health emergency since the Spanish Flu pandemic over a century ago (1918-19).

Hi-line’s expertise has also been of paramount importance at the St Thomas’ Hospital in Lambeth. Supplying the facility that recently treated Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his fight against the virus, Hi-line has provided both sterile medical air dryers and standard air dryers. This same combination has also been supplied to the new Nightingale Hospital North West, a 1000-bed facility located at Manchester’s Central Conference Centre (formerly known as G-MEX), and the new Nightingale Hospital North East, which houses 460 beds at the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing (CESAM) in Washington.

In all cases, Hi-line’s dedicated fabrication team has been working night and day to provide the necessary equipment in time for the opening of each Nightingale Hospital. The company’s service and main reception numbers, as well as the mobile numbers of key staff, have remained available throughout the crisis to support the NHS.

Further information is available from: Hi-line Industries Ltd. www.hilineindustries.com