Jenton Group to highlight range of food packaging and processing systems

Plus JenAct GRU-V® UV light air disinfection systems capable of disinfecting 99.99% of airborne micro-organisms and viruses including SARS-CoV-2

Jenton Group will be featuring its wide range of high performance food packaging and processing equipment at Foodex 2021 including JenAct air and surface UV disinfection and JentonAriana food packing line automation systems.

Suitable for use in large production facilities where fresh food is stored and handled, the company’s JenAct GRU-V® UV light air disinfection systems will be highlighted at the show. A range of UV air disinfection units, which are capable of killing 99.99% of airborne micro-organisms and viruses including SARS-CoV-2, help improve indoor air quality whilst reducing infection rates, absenteeism and building related illnesses.

As HSE and other agencies have made clear, the most effective way to deal with airborne viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 to minimise cross contamination is with fresh air ventilation, preferably by opening windows and doors.  However, in food plants this is rarely possible so JenAct’s well proven GRU-V® air purifiers are designed to produce ‘virus fresh’ air in the working environment. The use of ultraviolet germicidal radiation disables airborne microorganisms and reduces bacteria, moulds and viruses in seconds.

JenAct GRU-V® units offer dynamic air disinfection using powerful shatterproof UV lamps mounted in a food grade stainless steel duct unit.  JenAct’s newly launched GRU-V® Jet ceiling mounted UV air disinfection system is ideal for cold storage areas and production lines where it is capable of treating high volumes of air with UV-C light, providing a single dose to disinfect 99.99% of viruses in a single pass.  It is designed to be mounted horizontally approximately 500mm from the ceiling where it can disinfect 3,500m³ of air per hour.

On working display will be a JenAct UV disinfection conveyor manufactured by the company in the UK.  This unit features 360 degree UV exposure for surface disinfection of items entering a food space or transferring into high care. Roller, wire belt or flat belt systems are available to cater for packaged or raw items.   A variety of lamp units are offered including wash down and FEP coated bulb units for security and pulsed UV for deep penetration and, for mushrooms, for Vitamin D enhancement.

JenAct’s proprietary UVC modelling software has been developed over many years and allows the company to accurately size any of its UV disinfection systems for each individual applications and to reliably indicate performance parameters.  Full process control is available of course.

JentonAriana’s line automation products include stackers, convergers, seal testers and complex conveyor automation control systems.

On display will be a Jenton Ariana BCS ‘Packleader’ high speed converger, designed to take multi lane production of thermoformed packs and converge them at accurate (and variable) spacing into a single lane.  This BCS 570 unit has an HMI controlled multi-lane feature.  Compact and easy to operate, clean and maintain, these systems have independent adjustable working and infeed height, quick change belts and long life clutches.

JentonAriana convergers can be easily integrated with other equipment such as thermoformers and checkweighers, or can operate to bring lines together. Suitable for almost all pack sizes, types, speeds and wet or dry formats, the machines incorporate a wide range of advanced features, including colour touchscreen interface, remote operation, self-tracking belts, ability to store up to nine pack format settings and menu for pack formats, belts speeds and pack gaps.

Jenton Ariana’s FCS-2 high speed food pack stacker is the fastest system of its type, achieving speeds of up to 180 packs per minute. The colour touchscreen facilitates easy set up for a range of pack sizes and stack heights, and all settings can be stored against a name. It is the ideal solution for end-of-line high speed collation where minimal operator intervention and reliability are critical.


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