Labeling to perfection: Bizerba launches innovative complete solution to boost efficiency in labeling

Bizerba is a leading supplier of solutions for all areas of weighing, cutting and labeling technology. Today it announces the launch of its entirely new CleanCut® Linerless Solution. This innovative complete solution includes linerless labels and a new labeling system to revolutionise labeling with Full-wrap and C-wrap linerless labels. This is achieved through the optimal use of linerless rolls, minimal set-up times and significantly less work required to clean blades.

With the introduction of its new CleanCut® Linerless Solution, Bizerba – an innovative industry leader based in Balingen, Germany – is not simply launching a new labeling machine. This complete solution using both linerless labels and a new labeling system is a game changer; the sustainable, user-friendly solution revolutionises labeling with Full-wrap and C-wrap linerless labels. Compared to labels with backing paper, a roll carries up to 90% more labels. This significantly reduces downtime on the GLM-levo CleanCut labeling system caused by roll changes. At the same time, the solution means blades have to be cleaned much less often due to the reduction in adhesive coating on the CleanCut linerless labels. The blade cuts accurately through a label’s adhesive-free areas, keeping it much cleaner. Less time spent on maintenance means operators can enjoy improved labeling system uptime. Because the adhesive is applied evenly, linerless rolls can also be used right to the core – meaning the machine can continue working uninterrupted. What is more, format changes are incredibly easy, and the system delivers the utmost in accuracy and speed. All this means the new CleanCut®  Linerless Solution represents increased efficiency, cost optimisation and sustainable waste prevention.

New statutory guidelines require more and more information to be included on Full-wrap and C-wrap labels. This calls for flexible packaging concepts, particularly for fresh produce, to satisfy the consumer’s need for information. “Market requirements have prompted us to develop a completely new concept that is flexible, reliable and which satisfies the needs of our customers and our partners. We also wanted to significantly reduce labeling system downtimes caused by maintenance. We truly succeeded. The CleanCut®  Linerless Solution affirms Bizerba’s standard as the innovation leader that sets the standard in the market,” said Markus Ketterer, Director of Global Communications at the long-established Bizerba on the launch, while also extending his congratulations to the development team.


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