Liquibox Encore® celebrates 15th anniversary with 500 million items sold

After designing Encore® in 2006, Liquibox® has become the leading manufacturer in the industry, supplying over 30 million units globally each year. This easy‐to‐use connection system is ideal for connecting bag‐in‐box to beverage dispensing machinery and continues to be the preferred choice for multinational brands.


Created and produced at the Liquibox state‐of‐the‐art facility in Upper Sandusky (Ohio, USA), Encore fitment and connector system has revolutionised bag‐in‐box packaging ensuring precise and controlled mixes of post‐mix syrup, pulpy juice, and highly viscous beverages, among others. The triple seal design makes the system virtually leakproof and its rugged durability ensures it performs this way for years.


Customers continue to trust Liquibox to supply the popular universal line‐side bag‐in‐box fitment and connector system for post‐mix syrups around the world. “The Liquibox advantage does not stop at our reputable product offering—our reliability, customer support and innovative research and development team are a priceless benefit of our value as a supplier. With a focus on partnership and commitment to sustainability, it is no surprise that the top beverage brands have trusted Liquibox for years,” says Kevin Grogan, Chief Commercial Officer at Liquibox.

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