Lödige: High-shear granulator for compacting powdery foodstuffs

High-shear granulator for compacting powdery foodstuffs
For the perfect aroma

Lödige Process Technology has developed a granulator especially for compacting bulk goods such as tea or cocoa and coffee. It is based on the Mixing Granulator type MGT, a vertical system for mixing and granulation of powders and granules.

A specially developed compaction tool rotates in the cylindrical mixing vessel at a close distance from the vessel wall and base to achieve the necessary bulk density
and a homogeneous mixing quality. In addition, the mixing vessel is equipped with a cooling double jacket to ensure that the full aroma of the material is retained. The
product can be flavoured in accordance with the recipe parameters directly in the processing vessel of the Mixing Granulator. This process can be carried out manually or automatically. The machine requires only three minutes to mix and compress, for instance, one batch of ground coffee. Even product changes are quick and simple: The machine is designed for quick, manual dry cleaning. Experience has shown that this takes approx. 15 minutes.

The system is designed to fit seamlessly into the production line. After all, Lödige can supply complete production lines from mixing / compacting equipment to container handling, screw conveyors, weighing systems, storage containers as well as the control system.

Since 2008, Lödige has developed and distributed a variety of high-shear granulators for renowned manufacturers of bulk goods requiring compaction in the food industry.


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