Maintaining the quality of fresh strawberries

NatureSeal has done it again. While the vast array of shelf life extension technology for fresh cut produce has grown exponentially over the last decade, strawberries had been absent from the list until recently. This highly popular and beloved berry had eluded efforts to extend its
shelf life after cutting.
Through focused research and development, NatureSeal has succeeded in creating a treatment to maintain the fresh qualities of cut strawberries. This newly introduced product is a healthy, clean-label powder blend that protects sliced, topped, halved and diced fresh strawberries, maintaining freshness for
up to eleven days when refrigerated. NatureSeal retards spoilage and maintains the colour and firmness of fresh-cut strawberries without altering flavour.
NatureSeal ST-A is comprised of GRAS ingredients and is allergen-free, gluten-free, Kosher certified and non-GMO.
The NatureSeal for strawberry product is easy to use and perfect for cut fruit medleys, yogurt and baked
goods toppings or as a stand-alone offering.