Norsk Kylling to develop world’s best chicken production with Infor and Columbus

Infor today announced that Norsk Kylling has deployed Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage. Norsk Kylling aims to create the world’s best value chain for chicken production, where good animal welfare is at the forefront. Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage, with Columbus as partner and supplier, will help provide even better control, quality and efficiency through the value chain.

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In the factory at Støren near Trondheim, Norsk Kylling produces tasty chicken products under the brand name Solvinge. Norsk Kylling also owns chicken incubator Hugaas Rugeri, since its acquisition in 2016, which means the company has the entire value chain, from hatchery egg production, up to hatchery, broiler raising and the completion of various prepared chicken dishes.

Norsk Kylling began producing chicken in 1991. In 2015, the grocery retailer Rema bought the manufacturer, and since then the business has been constantly developed, improved and adapted to new quality requirements, laws, regulations and sound production. With a new factory under construction at Orkdal, it became important to install a modern business system to support data capture and automation in the production facility and manage logistics, inventory, and maintenance processes.

“The ERP system now gives us tight control of data, materials and financials through our complex value chain. We have about 150 suppliers from three categories of farms that give us either eggs, hatching hens or broilers. The business system covers both hatchery and slaughterhouse, purchase and sale of eggs and chicken. Now we have full control over and can document the product from farm to fork,” says Norsk Kylling IT manager Torfinn Utne.

Control of tracking and documentation is the foundation for ensuring responsible production and good animal welfare. As Norsk Kylling itself says: “A chicken that is doing well tastes better.”

Previously, much of the information was collected and handled manually, which is time-consuming and can be a source of incorrect information. With more correct management information, Norsk Kylling has reduced waste, gained better control over inventory and can plan production better in relation to market needs, says Utne.

“We had control before, but now we get tighter control,” Utne says. ”We also now benefit from labour savings and a better reputation.”

The contract for Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage was won in tough competition from over 20 other suppliers of ERP systems, with Infor alliance partner Columbus chosen as the supplier. Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage was chosen over SAP in the final stages. It was important for Norsk Kylling to be completely confident that Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage solution, which contains a number of preconfigured settings adapted to the food industry, covered the customer’s wishes, requirements and needs.

“Norsk Kylling has chosen a standardized, multi-tenant cloud solution without special adaptations,” says Per Christian Øen, Columbus’ business solution director for Infor CloudSuite.

Columbus’ Norwegian team has provided the solution. The team consists of Infor CloudSuite specialists with experience from many major food customers.

“The consultants from Columbus have had full control of integrations, and the project has been delivered according to schedule and budget,” says Utne.


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