Rotech launch new modular conveyors to simplify packaging coding

Rotech Machines, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of coding and marking technology, has launched a new range of high-quality modular conveyor systems, designed specifically for food, pharmaceutical, medical and industrial packaging operations.

The small, modular, interlocking conveyors offer customers greater packing and coding flexibility, allowing users to pack goods and print codes at speed in any location. The all-in-one conveyor systems are particularly beneficial where space is limited, where coding and packing is currently performed in different locations, or where a conventional industrial conveyor is too large.

Designed for fast, flexible printing onto all packaging types 

Each Rotech conveyor is designed for the easy installation of a range of small, high-speed printers anywhere on the line, such as thermal inkjet or large area printers. Users can rapidly apply codes onto all packaging types including cartons, bottles, flat packaging or direct printing onto outer boxes. Available with either fixed feet or castors, the free-standing modular conveyors will improve packaging efficiency, save space and speed up output.

Custom-built conveyors for variable speeds and loads 

Because Rotech conveyors are built to order, specific drive systems can be fitted to suit speed and load requirements – this is particularly useful for high throughput or industrial goods.

Rotech conveyors are available in 500mm increments, with a standard belt length of 1.5m and a width of 400mm. Each conveyor module can be used independently or interlocked for long applications and can also be used as individual packing and coding stations.

Full installation support 

Rotech’s team of coding and marking specialists will carry out a full assessment of customer needs prior to build and installation, along with specialist advice on the most suitable and efficient type of printer technology.

For more information about Rotech’s new modular conveyors, or their wider range of packaging coding and marking technology, please visit or call 01707 393700. 


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