Vitafoods 2021: The collagen and gelatin innovations

you need to know before the show



Florencia Moreno Torres,
Global Business Development Manager, Health & Nutrition Rousselot®

Following almost two years of delays and disruption, the food and beverage industry now knows the drill when it comes to virtual trade events. These versatile and accessible online only experiences have transitioned from emerging trend to industry staple in a matter of months. And while virtual events are here to stay, many are eager to connect with their fellow professionals face-to-face, as in-person trade shows finally begin to remerge. Rousselot® is one such company that is looking forward to taking part in Vitafoods Europe 2021, both in-person in Geneva and online.

Fueled by ongoing concern surrounding COVID-19, health and wellness is the trend that looks set to dominate conversations this trade show season, on and offline. Consumers are keen to return to their pre-pandemic lifestyles, and as such are looking for solutions to help them feel healthy, look good and stay active. Highly versatile and backed by decades of scientific evidence, collagen and gelatin-based solutions are a real asset for manufacturers, helping them address these demands with premium products that meet consumers’ health, fitness and beauty goals, naturally.

In the run up to the in-person return of one of the industry’s biggest trade shows, Vitafoods, we’re taking the opportunity to refamiliarize formulators with the multitude of benefits gelatin and collagen solutions can bring to food, beverages and dietary supplements, along with the latest innovations attendees can expect to discover at the show.

Getting to grips with gelatin

Gelatin is the ultimate chameleon ingredient. A pure protein with a unique gel-like consistency when hydrated, it can be used for everything from film forming, foaming and clarifying, to thickening, water binding and adhesion. This versatility makes gelatin the ideal solution for manufacturers looking to craft clean-label, premium products with no e-numbers and a short ingredient list, that keep consumers coming back time and time again. What’s more, choosing gelatin can help producers appeal to increasingly environmentally conscious shoppers who are eager to support the circular economy: the gelatin protein is extracted from animal bones and skins to responsibly use all parts of the animal aimed at human consumption.

Offering limitless application potential, along with an attractive clean-label positioning, Rousselot’s gelatin solutions help manufacturers take their products from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

Unlocking the functional power of liquid-center gummies

With close to two thirds of shoppers worldwide stating they are interested in trying gummy-based supplements[1], the business case for nutraceutical manufacturers to expand into the functional gummy space has never been stronger. Rousselot’s latest SiMogel™ gelatin solution allows brands to take this trend to the next level with liquid-center nutraceutical gummies. Alternatively known as ‘gummy caps’, these center-filled soft gummies are manufactured using the proprietary SiMoGel starch-free production process, in which the gummy mixture is deposited into hygienic silicone or metal trays, or directly into blister packs. Because there is no need to recycle starch molds between batches, the risk of API cross-contamination is drastically reduced, while the lower processing temperature ensures functional ingredients remain at their full potency for completely accurate dosing. The industry-leading setting time of just 15 minutes gives producers the added advantages of increased production efficiency, valuable storage space savings and the ability to adapt their production strategies to keep pace with fast-changing market trends.

Attendees at this year’s Vitafoods event will be invited to sample a range of innovative SiMoGel application concepts, including gummy supplements containing zinc and Lipofer™ microcapsules (iron) for immune support, ibuprofen for pain relief, and acacia honey, propolis extract and vitamin C to help relieve a sore throat.

Collagen: The body’s solution for boosting Inner Strength™

In addition to showcasing its leading gelatin and collagen portfolio at Vitafoods 2021, Rousselot will take the opportunity to introduce the market to its new Inner Strength campaign. The new initiative aims to spotlight the importance of collagen as one of the body’s core structural proteins, responsible for supporting the integrity and elasticity of the connective tissues, i.e. bones, skin, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. As collagen is difficult for the body to digest in its natural form, the ingredient must be converted into highly bioavailable, bioactive collagen peptides that can easily be absorbed by the body, through a carefully designed enzymatic hydrolysis process.

At Vitafoods, Rousselot will showcase its solution to collagen’s bioavailability challenge; Peptan®, the leading bioactive collagen peptide ingredient. Backed by multiple scientific studies, Peptan represents the ultimate in multifunctional collagen solutions, proven to provide a world of benefits to consumers, whether they’re looking for support with skin and hair beauty, better post-sport nutrition or improved mobility.

Enhancing skin and hair beauty

As an easy-to-digest solution, Peptan type I collagen peptides are the ideal ingredient for creating premium beauty products that support beauty from the inside out. In a number of scientific studies, Peptan has been demonstrated to enhance the overall appearance of skin and hair by helping to decrease periorbital and nasolabial wrinkles, improve skin hydration and moisturization, and increase the mechanical strength of hair.[2,3] Proven results like these empower nutricosmetics manufacturers to attract a wide range of consumer demographics, including shoppers searching for anti-aging support or those looking to shake up their beauty routine with natural, sustainable solutions. Peptan can be derived from easily traceable fish, bovine or porcine sources, giving consumers complete confidence in the origin of the collagen used in their favorite products. Widely prized for their unmatched functional and formulation benefits these peptides combine the latest scientific research with decades of expertise, tradition and provenance.

At the upcoming Vitafoods event, I will be leading an exclusive presentation designed to help producers dive deeper into the potential of collagen peptides: ‘Collagen peptides, the hero ingredient for natural beauty from the inside out’.

The next step in sustainable collagen solutions

Visitors to Rousselot’s stand at Vitafoods can discover the latest addition to its industry-leading range, Peptan® Marine. As product launches featuring collagen from wild-caught ocean fish are on the rise with a growing presence4 on the retail shelves, this line-up of premium collagen peptides is ideally placed to meet the needs of today’s conscientious consumers, who increasingly demand fully sustainable solutions. Rousselot developed Peptan Marine peptides as the perfect complement to its existing high-quality farm-raised fish collagen range, recognizing the need to balance both wild-caught and aquaculture sourcing to meet global demand, sustainably. In line with Rousselot’s commitment to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the new range is derived from 100% wild-caught white fish, fully certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and is manufactured according to SDG 12 guidelines for responsible production and SDG 14 recommendations for the preservation of life under water. The result is a highly versatile collagen solution, that furthers sustainability in the nutricosmetics industry and beyond.

In addition to its strong sustainability credentials, Peptan Marine holds complete IFS and HACCP production certifications and conforms to EU and US regulations surrounding the use of hormones, heavy metals, antibiotics, toxins and preservatives.[5] Vitafoods attendees can discover the story behind the new range’s development through an immersive Innovation Tour and will be able to experience a premium Peptan Marine ‘beauty shot’, containing DSM premixes and ginseng for a natural beauty boost.

Strengthening sporting performance

As restrictions begin to ease, a significant portion of consumers are searching for ways to build back to their pre-pandemic fitness levels. Months of lockdowns and closure of sports facilities have severely disrupted work-out schedules, and in some cases, prevented people from engaging in any physical activity at all. The demands strenuous work-out regimes place on the human musculoskeletal system are already well-known, but as shoppers seek a swift return to their past sporting performance, products which support recovery will be crucial for helping people get back in the game, quicker.

In 2019, Rousselot partnered with leading scientists at Newcastle University to carry out a clinical study of the impact collagen peptides can have on sports recovery times.6 Results showed that the intake of Peptan helps to reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness and support muscle repair, contributing to a faster post-exercise recovery and performance improvement.7 Along with these science-backed benefits, Peptan collagen peptides offer a 100% traceable and safe sports recovery solution, that is fully compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) standards for prohibited substances.

The real-world benefits of Peptan were recently demonstrated at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where Rousselot partnered with the Dutch National Sports Centre, Papendal, as their official supplier of collagen peptides to support the mobility of athletes striving to boost the Netherlands’ standing in the medal table. The collaboration was especially aimed at improving the recovery times of athletes engaging in explosive sports with a high jump load or intensive training, such as volleyball players, bicycle motocross riders (BMX’er) and wheelchair basketball players.

A delicious sports recovery drink, featuring Peptan, will be available for attendees to try at Vitafoods, allowing industry leaders to sample its supportive power in-person.

Helping keep joints moving smoothly

Beyond disrupted work-out schedules, for some consumers prolonged periods of inactivity have had a more serious impact on their general mobility. Maintaining normal bone and joint health not only allows for greater freedom of movement, but can generally improve our quality of life, particularly as we get older. As evidenced by robust preclinical research, Peptan effectively supports both bone and joint health, giving dietary supplement, food and beverage producers a proven solution to meet current consumer concerns. Results of various studies have shown that Peptan collagen peptides can stimulate the endogenous production of bone tissue by triggering osteoblast function (bone formation cells) and increasing bone size and firmness.8,9 In the case of joint health, findings from an in vivo study showed that Peptan can protect cartilage, which covers the bones of a joint and acts as a cushion and shock absorber. The results also demonstrated Peptan’s ability to increase the number of cells that actively produce proteoglycan (a core component in cartilage formation), as well as to normalize the thickness of the synovial membrane (a layer of connective tissue that lines the cavities of joints) after just 3 weeks.[10]

Offering unbeatable functionality and flexibility

Peptan collagen peptides offer a world of functional benefits to consumers. But when it comes to product formulation, versatility and ease of use are equally important considerations for manufacturers. With fast cold- and warm-water solubility, superior heat resistance and a transparent appearance when dissolved, Peptan is not just easy to incorporate into any application, but also helps improve the sensory appeal of the final product.

The ultimate solution for health, taste and functionality

Demand for protein-rich products is on the rise in the global consumer base, with figures from FMCG Gurus suggesting that 39% of shoppers would like to increase their protein intake, while 57% consider the macronutrient as important for maintaining general health and wellness.[11] While a high protein content is key to tap into this trend, taste is still king if manufacturers want to turn one-time purchasers into regular customers. To help producers achieve the right balance between protein content, texture and sensory appeal, Rousselot developed the innovative ProTake™ range of hydrolyzed collagen solutions. Available as ProTake Bar, ProTake Powder and ProTake Foods, these clean-label ingredients are designed to address common formulation issues such as poor solubility, off-flavours and impaired stabilization, helping brands create high-protein products that deliver the exceptional taste and texture experiences consumers expect. The ProTake range represents the culmination of 30 years of experience finetuning products to solve the challenges food producers face day-in-day-out.

Informed by Rousselot’s application expertise, these products give manufacturers an easy-to-use solution for innovative, tasty, and above all healthy products.

On the Rousselot stand at Vitafoods, visitors will have the opportunity to sample a high protein snack bar fortified with ProTake™ hydrolyzed collagen and learn how Rousselot’s complete range of collagen solutions can support their formulation goals, straight from the experts.

Supporting innovation through collaboration

Despite the significant challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis, businesses, regulatory bodies and individuals, connected in new ways and continued to develop innovative products to meet the world’s needs. Now with opportunities to connect in person opening up once again, food and nutrition manufacturers can harness the lessons learnt during the pandemic to find the right ingredients partner for their unique needs. With a broad portfolio of high-quality ingredient solutions, backed by independent scientific research, Rousselot is primed to support brands’ product development journeys from the R&D phase, right through to formulation, regulatory approvals and branding.

Be sure to visit the Rousselot’s booth I114 at Vitafoods 2021, due to take place in Geneva, Switzerland, 5-7 October. Can’t wait until then? Visit to learn how we can help you create powerful products that consumers want.


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