Safe bread and rolls from the Austrian Waldviertel

For generations, the company Backwelt Pilz has been located in Lower Austria‘s Waldviertel and produces the highest quality frozen baked goods. In 2002 the Backwelt Pilz has been founded as an independent company in further development of the bakery „Traditionsbäckerei Gmünd“, which has been in existence since 1904. The Backwelt Pilz has invested constantly in the expansion of the product portfolio as well as in the expansion of production technology.

Under the motto „We loaf Quality“, the Backwelt Pilz is able to manufacture products of consistently high quality using well thought-out production processes. The company has been certified according to the guidelines of Austria Bio Garantie and the International Food Standard since 2004.

Impurities in grains and seeds can end up in the final product

The Backwelt Pilz produces pre-baked and pre-cooked deep-frozen baked goods,  for the food retail trade, petrol station shops and system gastronomy. With the  production of the varied rolls, it is possible that among the grain and seed ingredients physical impurities, such as metal particles, glass splinters and stones, are included.

State-of-the-Art foreign body detection against smallest metallic and non metallic impurities

In order to ensure that bread and rolls are absolutely free of foreign bodies, the Backwelt Pilz decided, in addition to the existing metal detectors, also to install RAYCON D+ X-ray inspection equipment for packaged products. The metal detectors detect e.g. iron,  stainless steel and non-ferrous particles. The RAYCON D+ X-ray unit detects not only smaller and difficult to detect metallic impurities but also stones and other materials.

A special feature of the project was that an individual solution was developed together with the customer which makes it possible to use RAYCON D+ even for unpacked breads.  In this case, the customer must regularly remove the bread crumbs from the device.  A work step that is integrated into the sophisticated hygiene concept.

The foreign bodies detectors are integrated at the end of the production process before the baked goods are packed in cartons. Contaminated products are placed in an IFS-compliant lockable collection container. Everything runs automatically, continuously and without interruption.

With the combination of metal detection plus X-ray technology, a large number of foreign bodies are detected and removed. In this way, the safety of the production processes and the purity of the products is guaranteed to the maximum extent.

Competitive advantages due to the highest quality of the end products

‘The detection of foreign bodies is running very well! Since commissioning we have considerably reduced foreign body complaints, as even the smallest impurities such as stones are sorted out. We are very satisfied with the custom solution developed together with Sesotec. This is our advantage: More security for us as a company and for our customers“, says Johannes Pilz, managing director of Backwelt Pilz and adds: „If we build further production plants, we will will certainly use the combination solution from Sesotec“.


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