Sesotec INTUITY metal detector put to the test by food manufacturers

Food manufacturers are faced with the challenge that products must be free of metals of all kinds, among other things so that the specifications of international quality standards such as IFS or BRC are met. The INTUITY metal detector from Sesotec sets the standard in metal detection here.
The multi-simultaneous frequency technology ensures product purity with up to 50% better detection accuracy than other systems on the market. No matter if the product is packaged or loose, frozen or thawed, the INTUITY metal detector can account for the interference caused by product effect to reliably detect metals.
Designed for ergonomics and user-friendliness, this system offers an intuitive interface that includes simple operating logic and real-time imaging of the metal detection process. Guided sequences and predictions based on test pieces simplify the audit check.
The performance of the INTUITY metal detector is compelling on its own. But when compared with devices from other manufacturers, the Sesotec system outshines the competition by achieving the best metal detection values.
Inspecting sausages with the INTUITY metal detector
For 70 years, a family business specializing in the production of cured meats and boiled sausage products has made a name for itself through the continuous pursuit of quality. Knackwurst sausages are packed into containers for retail sale, weighing 1 kg and measuring 20 x 20 x 6.5cm. Installed to inspect outgoing goods, metal detectors provide important information for quality management.
Depending on the orientation of the sausages as they pass through the metal detector, different frequencies are needed to ensure accurate metal detection. INTUITY features an integrated selection of metal detection frequencies to ensure the best performance.
Inspecting blocks of mozzarella with the INTUITY metal detector
A manufacturer of high-quality dairy products produces 5-10 kg blocks of mozzarella for further processing by industrial and bulk consumers. For this customer, the top priorities are achieving the highest possible detection accuracy and avoiding false rejects. Compared to equipment from other manufacturers, Sesotec’s INTUITY metal detector has the competitive advantage: the best detection accuracy and the lowest rate of false rejects.
Between the high detection accuracy, ability to adjust for product variations, and low rates of false rejects, the customer is very satisfied with the performance of the INTUITY metal detector. The loss of good product has been significantly reduced and production continues without any issues.
Inspecting raw meat in E2 boxes with the INTUITY metal detector
For one sausage manufacturer, inspecting incoming goods is a matter of course for ensuring quality. This practice is compliant with the IFS Standard as well as HACCP certification. Raw meat arrives in E2 boxes where they are inspected by the INTUITY metal detector. This metal detection system is uniquely qualified for the job because of its ability to detect hypodermic needles.
Depending on how they pass through a metal detector, needles vary in their detectability. E2 boxes can hold large quantities of raw meat (roughly 15 kg), and the cuts of meat vary tremendously in shape. This can compromise the accuracy of metal detection.
Even under these complicated inspection conditions, the INTUITY metal detector delivers the best rates of needle detection, thereby ensuring the quality of the sausages and customer satisfaction.
Inspecting ready-made meals with the INTUITY metal detector
For over 60 years, a catering specialist has been committed providing quality they can prove. Strict monitoring is necessary to ensure only the purest products end up in the cafeteria meals of pre-schoolers, school children, senior citizens, hospital patients, and employees. In order to adequately inspect outgoing frozen meals in plastic packaging, metal detectors must be configured with optimal sensitivity.
Over an extended period of time, various frozen meals were tested in order to understand how thawing influenced the sensitivity of metal detectors. When it came to thawed products, there was a clear differentiation between Sesotec’s devices and those from other manufacturers. When inspecting thawed products, INTUITY was able to achieve a detection sensitivity nearly identical to the results achieved with frozen products.
Detecting small metal particles is a great challenge throughout the food industry. Any number of factors can influence the performance of a metal detector: from product effect (the result of specific salt and water contents), to the product texture, to temperature changes, to packaging materials, to product size and shape, to the product’s orientation as it enters the metal detector.

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