Spirax Sarco Nordics to supply Steam Infusion

Leading UK food tech, OAL, announces a new partnership with Spirax Sarco Nordics, experts in steam system solutions. The company now offers OAL’s Steam Infusion Vaction™ Pump technology to food and beverage manufacturers across the region following the successful completion of several projects. Steam Infusion is a simple, disruptive cooking process that helps food manufacturers overcome many of the challenges they face every day including burn-on contamination, variable product consistency and slow cooking times. By offering this award-winning technology, Spirax Sarco will help manufacturers across the Nordic region to reduce cleaning and cooking times and energy consumption, increase cooking capacity and eliminate burn-on and Maillard reactions in a wide variety of products.

The Steam Infusion Vaction™ Pump uses steam as the motive force to simultaneously heat, mix and pump liquids with and without particulates. The Pump can sit within a cooking vessel or be integrated in-line, depending on the needs of the manufacturer. Using culinary grade or clean steam, Steam Infusion can heat 1,000kg of product from 15°C to 90°C in five minutes with no burn-on or particulate damage. Easily retrofitted into new or existing cooking vessels, or fitted directly into the line, with Steam Infusion manufacturers can typically achieve twice the cooking capacity compared with traditional methods.

Spirax Sarco has been providing specialist steam solutions to a diverse range of industrial customers around the globe for over 100 years, helping them to maximise efficiency and overcome their process challenges. With local engineers offering on-the-ground expertise and a wide range of products and services, Spirax Sarco can support food and beverage manufacturers across the Nordic region from the boiler to the vessel and everything in-between, providing the right advice and solutions to optimise their processes.

OAL catalysed the development of Steam Infusion in the food and beverage industry with a £1 million UK government funded Innovate UK project, together with the University of Lincoln and a leading UK food manufacturer. Systems are already in place across the globe, with manufacturers able to achieve optimised processes and deliver unique products using the innovative Steam Infusion technology.

Jake Norman, Head of Innovation at OAL, comments, “The Nordic food and beverage market is one of the most innovative in the world and we’re delighted that Spirax Sarco will now be supplying Steam Infusion as they really are the leaders in steam technology. This partnership combines our award-winning technology with an experienced team offering local expertise and proximity to the customers, so we think this is great news for the Nordic food & beverage industry.”

Neil Crump, General Manager at Spirax Sarco, Nordics, adds, “We have already seen success with the technology in the region and we’re thrilled to add Steam Infusion to our vast portfolio of steam solutions. This will bring something new to the region and we’re looking forward to supporting our customers with this latest innovation.”

For more information, please visit the website: https://steaminfusion.oalgroup.com/

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