Tetra Pak and EnginZyme join forces

The current trend in food and beverage production is prompting manufacturers to increase and improve the quality of products, widen the scope of vegan alternatives, and reduce environmental footprints. These challenges can often be addressed by using enzymes during production, providing a natural conversion and improvement of existing ingredients.

Enzymes are frequently used in food processing, particularly for products such as lactose-free milk, yoghurt and cheese. However, currently, there aren’t any processing solutions on the market that allow enzymes to be utilised efficiently and in a controlled way to upcycle food waste or by-products from production, such as acid whey into valuable products, or to upgrade the quality and usability of vegan alternatives.

However, in partnership with EnginZyme, a Swedish start-up looking to improve production processes in the food & beverage industry by unlocking the potential of enzymes, Tetra Pak is working on a solution. Together, the two companies are investigating how enzymes could be stabilised and engineered to better serve the food industry, with particular focus on ways to recover and reuse any by-products or improve the quality of a range of products such as dairy and protein vegan replacement, prebiotic dairy products and natural sweetener enhanced fruit juices.

EnginZyme’s technology can fix enzymes onto a solid support and design them for a specific functionality. The immobilisation process, which is a proprietary patent protected method, granted in 23 countries to date, means that the enzyme is transformed into a solid heterogeneous material which is easier to handle. This opens up opportunities for novel applications across the food and beverage space, including improved vegan alternatives.


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