The big chill

The alco ASK Spiral Freezer is available in the UK and Ireland from Interfood Technology. Its spiral technology is designed specifically to offer a maximum capacity in a small footprint, with the specification of the unit matched to individual customer requirements.  The alco ASK provides even and gentle cooling through an innovative belt system which offers continuous adjustability of production speed. A range of different product sizes can be accommodated, with minimal weight loss achieved through the highly efficient evaporator and ventilator unit which quickly chills or freezes products uniformly, minimising the effects of dehumidification.


Attention has been paid in the freezer design to optimise the production line’s efficiency, with special belts and intake modules. Manufactured in stainless steel it is hygienically designed and easy to clean with optimal CIP (clean in place) functionality.


An intuitive touch panel ensures ease of operation with features which include recipe management and a link to a remote maintenance service capability. A single machine can combine multiple spirals, with a range of options in terms of refrigerants, including freon, ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), ice water and brines. The alco ASK can be used for cooling, freezing and shock freezing applications.


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