Top x-ray technology for spices with top quality

The “Alte Gewürzamt“ is a family manufactory from Klingenberg am Main, where regionality and originality are principles. Ingo Holland started his manufactory in 2001 with only one employee. Today, 40 employees produce 120 tons spices and spice mixtures per year on 4.000 square meters.

During his successful career as a gourmet chef, founder Ingo Holland liked to experiment with spice blends. Unfortunately, he often found quality defects and therefore bought single spices to create his own mixtures. That was the foundation stone for the “Alte Gewürzamt“.

Only the best quality comes into the can

“Taste and quality – these two criterias are our top priority“, explains Ingo Holland, “only top quality is bought, processed and bottled“.

In order to be able to deliver products of the highest quality to the customers, it was not enough to control the raw materials and the further processing of them. The HACCP analysis revealed an increased risk of contamination with metal, stones and glass. An inspection at the outgoing goods was therefore required to meet the quality standards.

Where craft-production stops, begins end-of-line detection

After filling the green cans of tinplate, the spices and spice blends are packed in boxes. The ready-to-ship cartons are then inspected for foreign bodies. The inspection is done with a machine equipment, although the “Alte Gewürzamt“ is still a manufactory. Because the customers‘ biggest concern is any contamination, high-efficiency foreign body detection with x-ray technology is the right thing for the “Alte Gewürzamt“. An x-ray machine can detect any foreign bodies that absorb x-ray radiation better than the surrounding product due to their density, chemical composition or mechanical dimensions.

The RAYCON X-ray inspection system for packaged products combines the established and proven Sesotec detection technology with an outstanding design, which meets the requirements for easy operation and cleanability. The simple installation as stand-alone or with integrated separation system complete the features of any RAYCON unit.

RAYCON’s special feature also detects virtually invisible contaminants at the edge

Due to the thick soils or edges of metal cans, the edge filter was particularly important for the “Alte Gewürzamt“. This feature allows you to inspect inside of the cans with higher sensitivity for the best detection accuracy. There are two zones, one at the edge, which will be checked with lower sensitivity and one inside which will be checked with higher sensitivity. The use of the edge filter makes it possible to detect more impurities in the filtered areas.

The other features and functions of the RAYCON were tested on site with a demonstration unit. With a sensitivity from 0.8 millimeters upwards, the customer expectations are met and gave, together with the competent consulting on site, the “Alte Gewürzamt“ the final arguments for the decision.



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