Yamato Scale launches productivity-boosting semi-automatic weigher

Yamato Scale Dataweigh, a leading global manufacturer of product inspection equipment, has unveiled an industry-leading semi-automatic weigher, ideal for reducing costs and boosting productivity.


The highly versatile TSDN3 can be used for a vast range of applications and is especially well suited for the processing of wet items such as meat, poultry and fish, delicate products such as fruit and vegetables, as well as ready meals including noodles and pasta.


Yamato Scale’s specialist engineers designed the TSDN3 to provide enhanced levels of hygiene with its stainless steel construction and easy, tool-free removal of conveyors to enable fast and efficient cleaning and sanitisation.


The 14-head semi-automatic weigher is IP67 compliant and operates at speeds of up to 50 weighments per minute. It is suitable for both mixing and counting applications and its compact footprint means that it is the perfect space-saving option for growing businesses.


The TSDN3 is fitted as standard with a 10.4 inch colour, touch-screen control unit which provides real-time data that can stored in a central computer. It is also compatible with Yamato Stats, a fully automated data collection system, running from a server or pc, that provides manufacturers with a complete inspection and data collection solution.  This allows food processing firms to have valuable control and insight into the cause of any problem so that it can be prevented for future production.


Ian Aitchison, Yamato Scale’s Product Manager Multiheads and Export Sales Manager, said: “The semi-automatic function of the TSDN3 increases yield and productivity, while at the same time reducing labour costs. Manufacturers that switch to automating this part of the production line will therefore benefit from a full return on their investment within 6 to 12 months.


“Additionally, the TSDN3’s hygienic design and robust stainless steel construction means that it can be hosed down. The water will drain away freely – so there are no areas for water to sit and turn into bacteria traps, making it ideal for applications where the risk of contamination from unclean surfaces is highest.


“The TSDN3 has two conveyor belt sizes to choose from, but each machine has a compact footprint. Plus, it’s a mobile system that can be moved around the factory, giving manufacturers flexibility and the ability to move it to a designated cleaning area to maintain maximum standards of hygiene.”


For more information, please check out the TSDN3 here.


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