Collagen Beauty Drinks


Beauty from Within applications with scientifically proven Bioactive Collagen Peptides®


Today’s consumers expect much more from a drink than a mere thirst-quencher or hydration boost. They are also looking for great-tasting beverages with additional benefits. In recent years, skin health has become an increasingly important topic, with so-called ‘beauty from within’ drinks creating new opportunities in the fast-growing nutricosmetics market – a market predicted to be worth $7.5 billion1 worldwide by 2024. With their Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (BCP®s) VERISOL®, GELITA provides beverage manufacturers with a functional ingredient that promises a proven beauty boost, while being technically versatile and easy to use.

Adaptable and essential protein

Collagen accounts for approximately 30% of the human body’s total protein and is also a key constituent for skin health. It is produced in the deeper layer of the skin, the dermis, along with elastin and proteoglycans. Together they form the so-called extracellular matrix responsible for the firm structure, and essential for skin elasticity and resistance.

During the ageing process, the skin becomes thinner and fine lines start to appear. From the age of about 30 onwards, the performance of skin cells called fibroblasts deteriorates and collagen synthesis is reduced. Consequently, the skin suffers from a loss of moisture and becomes increasingly dry.

Long-lasting effects

Collagen has been used in cosmetic products for many years to help improve the feel and look of skin, hair and fingernails. Traditionally, such products were mostly topical solutions for external use, but there has always been some doubt that these applications really have a long-term effect on skin health. Thus, many of today’s consumers prefer ingestible products with a more sustainable effect. These can be used and enjoyed on the go, another benefit consumers appreciate due to their busy everyday lives. They often don’t have the time or patience for a complicated beauty routine, but still want to retain a youthful appearance. Here’s where drinks with collagen peptides come into their own, as they can be consumed anywhere and at any time.

VERISOL®, comprise natural BCP®s which have been specifically developed to provide the highest possible efficacy in human skin. With their special amino acid composition, they positively influence the skin’s collagen metabolism from the inside out. Whether consumed in food, drinks or supplement applications, VERISOL® enters the bloodstream and reaches the fibroblasts in the dermis. In a completely natural process, it stimulates the collagen metabolism and helps strengthen the skin’s connective tissue. This means improved elasticity, fewer wrinkles and a younger, healthier appearance.

Pure, safe and effective

As VERISOL® peptides are hydrolyzed to a specific short length, they are easily digestible as well as highly bioavailable. Moreover, VERISOL® is free from fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates and gluten. Being GMO free and having no E-number, it is ideal for the development of beverages with a clean label, and perfectly meets growing consumer demand for products that are pure, safe and naturally functional.

With outstanding technical properties, GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides® are easy to incorporate in various types of beverages without negatively impacting the end product’s sensory appeal: They have no effect on the colour, are virtually neutral in taste and can be used in combination with minerals, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients. This means they can aid the development of beverages with very specific properties for particular consumer needs, from optimizing skin structure, to wrinkle reduction and enhanced skin hydration.

“Whether used as the sole functional ingredient in a powder drink, as a concentrated solution in a drinking ampoule or together with other active ingredients in beauty drinks or near-water products, there are no limits to the creative possibilities when developing beverage concepts,” says Dr Stephan Hausmanns, Vice President Health & Nutrition at GELITA.

Backed by science

As manufacturers well know, consumers will only have the confidence to buy a product if they have trust in its safety and efficacy. And this only happens if they are familiar with all of the ingredients. The good news for collagen, then, is that it has become something of a buzzword, particularly in the beauty industry, in recent years. That means many are already familiar with the ingredient, associating it with beauty, anti-ageing properties and naturalness. However, one important aspect should not be ignored: Today’s consumers are better educated and therefore want to understand how beauty-from-within applications work. They will challenge products for their scientific evidence and only choose those with convincing proof of the promised effect.

Fortunately, a series of clinical studies have been conducted with GELITA’s BCP®s, all confirming their considerable stimulating effects on the skin metabolism.

Improved skin elasticity

The first clinical study was designed to verify the effectiveness of VERISOL® collagen peptides against biophysical skin parameters related to cutaneous ageing. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 69 women aged 35–55 were randomized to receive 2.5g or 5g of VERISOL® or a placebo once a day for 8 weeks.

Skin elasticity in both VERISOL® groups showed a statistically significant improvement compared with the placebo group after only 4 weeks of treatment. In some women, a maximum increase in skin elasticity of up to 30% was observed after the 8-week treatment period. Interestingly, this effect was even more pronounced in women aged 50 and over. With regard to skin moisture and skin evaporation, the collagen peptide treatment’s positive influence was also seen among this age group. The positive effect on skin elasticity was still detectable at the end of the 4-week washout phase, suggesting a long-lasting dermal physiological effect.

Reducing wrinkles – strengthening connective tissue

The second study investigated the effectiveness of VERISOL® on wrinkle reduction and the synthesis of important dermal matrix components, such as type I collagen, elastin and fibrillin, which are key components in connective tissue. In the double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 114 women aged 45–65 were randomized to receive 2.5g of VERISOL® or a placebo, once daily, for 8 weeks.

After 4 weeks of treatment, the VERISOL® group showed significantly reduced eye wrinkle volume of more than 7 percent. This positive effect was more pronounced after 8 weeks of intake, with some subjects achieving a maximum reduction in eye wrinkle volume of 50%. Four weeks after the last dose, the VERISOL® treatment group still showed a statistically significant decrease in eye wrinkle volume of 11.5%.

Measurable success against cellulite

The purpose of the third study was to investigate the ability of GELITA’s VERISOL® to reduce the occurrence of cellulite. In the double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 105 women between 24 and 50 years of age received a daily dose of 2.5g of VERISOL® collagen peptides or a placebo (maltodextrin) and were classified as being of normal weight or overweight, depending on their BMI.

After the treatment period, the skin tissue became measurably more compact, indicating a strengthening of the connective tissue. The cellulite of the subjects was assessed both visually and by using the so-called pinch test. After only 3 months of treatment and compared with the baseline readings, a statistically significant cellulite score reduction was observed.

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Good news for nail growth

Although nail assessments were not the objective of these previous studies, an improvement in nail quality among the study participants was noticed as a positive
side-effect. Additionally, there is a longstanding belief among consumers that the ingestion of collagen peptides is good for nails. However, there has not been any scientific evidence that they are effective for this purpose – until now. For the first time, a clinical trial has investigated the efficacy of a specific dosage (2.5g/day) of VERISOL® on nail growth and brittle nail syndrome.

In this open, single-center clinical trial, a total of 25 healthy women received a daily dose of 2.5g of VERISOL® for 6 months, followed by a 4-week observation period. With regards to nail growth, the intake of VERISOL® led to clear improvements after 12 weeks of treatment: daily collagen peptide supplementation promoted a 10% increase in nail growth. This rose to 12% after 24 weeks, and 15% four weeks after the last intake. The frequency of cracked or chipped nails also decreased significantly. Regarding typical brittle nail syndrome symptoms such as peeling, edge irregularities and roughness, even after the washout phase, 21 participants (88%) showed excellent/good/fair improvement. At the end of the study, the majority of participants (80%) agreed that the use of VERISOL® had improved their nails’ appearance and were totally satisfied or satisfied with the performance of the treatment.

Improving hair thickness

Besides beneficial effects on skin and nails, VERISOL® also supports hair health. This was researched in a new randomized, placebo-controlled study that showed supplementation with VERISOL® leads to improved hair structure, by significantly increasing hair thickness and proliferation of human hair follicle cells.

In total, 44 healthy women aged between 39 and 75 participated in this study, each receiving a daily dose of 2.5g VERISOL® or placebo for 16 weeks. At the end of the supplementation period, the use of VERISOL® resulted in a significant increase in hair thickness, while in the placebo group, there was even a slight decrease. The comparison of the two groups revealed a statistically significant increase in hair thickness in the VERISOL® group compared to the placebo. This confirms the benefits of VERISOL® for hair thickness, which is a key aspect of healthy hair appearance.

Fish-derived BCP®

As a leading manufacturer of collagen peptides, GELITA carries out continual research in an effort to improve their products and find new business opportunities. One of its latest innovations is VERISOL® F with fish-derived BCP®s.

Fish collagens are gaining in popularity because they allow manufacturers to meet the needs of an increasing number of consumers who – for dietary, ethical or religious reasons – want to avoid meat or meat-derived products. “We investigated how we could bring a fish-derived Bioactive Collagen Peptide® with optimal benefits into the VERISOL® portfolio of skin health products, while ensuring the same end-point benefits to consumers,” explains Dr Hausmanns.

The effects of VERISOL® F have already been scientifically confirmed. The study consisted of a randomized controlled trial conducted by Proksch et al, in Kiel, Germany, with only healthy women between the ages of 35 and 80 included. The participants were split into two groups, one of which was given VERISOL®, while the other was assigned a placebo. Both groups were instructed to ingest a daily dose of 5g for 8 weeks. The study period was subsequently extended by 4 weeks without further product administration to investigate the ongoing effect of the treatment.

All in all, the study results proved that – compared to a placebo – a continuous intake of fish-derived VERISOL® leads to a statistically significant improvement in skin elasticity.

Additionally, the eye wrinkle volume of the study participants who were treated with the Bioactive Collagen Peptides® decreased significantly. In conclusion, Proksch et al were able to prove that a daily intake of 5g of fish-derived VERISOL® has a positive impact on skin elasticity and eye wrinkle volume reduction.

At your service

Besides their wide range of products, GELITA also delivers comprehensive service in a wide range of other business areas — from the development of concepts, formulations and prototypes to process optimization, marketing support and regulatory advice. Thanks to decades of experience, the company’s technical experts are able to offer first-class guidance for new and established customers alike. At the same time, its research specialists are constantly exploring new and innovative application areas to help clients enter new markets all over the world.