Box appeal is a revelation

A luxury presentation pack for contemporary whisky Creag Isle, designed by Pollard Boxes, combines high-impact on-shelf presentation with an effective ‘opening experience’.   The box’s solid frame construction features vacuum formings at the top and base into which the bottle … Read More

UK’S most treasured tin revealed

1935 George V Silver Jubilee tin heirloom treasured by three generations   In April, the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA) launched a nationwide hunt to discover the UK’s most treasured tins. From over 100 entries, the judging panel picked Helen Huxley’s treasured tin – a 1935 George V Silver … Read More

New BOPP film with improved thermal resistance

Innovia Films is launching a new film in its Propafilm™ range of transparent speciality packaging films.  CHS offers improved thermal resistance and shrinkage properties compared to conventional polypropylene films.  It has been designed to substitute traditional outer web films in … Read More

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