Affordable Fortress checkweigher offsets food price hikes

Foodex 2021, Stand Z40


Designed specifically for the SME sector to offset inflation and food price hikes, at Foodex 2021, Fortress Technology launches its new pandemic-recovery Raptor Checkweigher.


Created for artisan food businesses to improve profit margins by driving down expensive overfilling, the new Raptor Checkweigher is the company’s most high spec economic checkweigher for washdown environments. By reducing product giveaway on premium product lines, the payback is super-fast. In some cases, predicted ROI can be several weeks or less.


At the start of 2021, global food prices hit a six year high. Already hit by massive income losses during the pandemic, now the cost of food staples, including essential ingredients such as grains, sugar, soybeans, corn, cocoa and spices, is impacting pricing strategies and profits for many SMEs. Particularly bakers, confectioners, manufacturers of chilled meals, condiments, healthy eating and wellbeing products.


Produced with skill and care, Britain’s artisan, SME and cottage-industry food, drink and wellbeing label conveys a critical quality message. Viewed by consumers as higher-end products, brand integrity and product safety is paramount.


To help SMEs preserve capital and emerge stronger from Brexit and the pandemic, the Raptor Checkweigher delivers 100% reliable weight control.


Fortress Managing Director Phil Brown explains: “While giveaway is a long accepted practice to guarantee compliance with weight regulations, for artisan food producers and ingredient SMEs especially, even nominal overfilling escalates rapidly to lost profits.”


Weighing up to 200 ppm in motion, the Raptor’s robust digital checkweighing processor achieves a reliable weight accuracy of ±0.025 grams. Well within international and domestic weight compliance e-mark rules, yet critical for SMEs with post-pandemic recovery and expansion plans.


The standard Raptor Checkweigher can weigh lightweight product packs, up to a maximum of 8 kilograms. An XL version is available for bulk applications. Operating as a standalone product feed and packing weighing unit, the Raptor Checkweigher’s modular electronics suite allows for full integration with a Fortress metal detector or x-ray machine to create a high-precision combination system when investment budgets allow.


Made in Britain to assist UK SMEs avoid costly import taxes, the compact Raptor Checkweigher measures less than 1.3 metres with a reject system. Slotting easily into existing SME production lines with virtually no business disruption.


Visit Foodex 2021, stand Z40 to discover how Fortress is assisting food manufacturers of all sizes to maintain domestic food prices while navigating future commodity, pricing and profit margin volatility.


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