AMB brings to market sustainable mono PET concepts for meat processors

AMB Spa, headquartered in San Daniele del Friuli in northern Italy, is a leading international company that delivers unique packaging solutions to fresh food industries. AMB offers its customers innovative ‘all in one place’ solutions that cover the complete packaging process: packaging design, prototyping, toolmaking, high-barrier rigid and flexible film production with water-based printing on both. This year, through its acquisition of German company PTS – Prime Tray System – from Gauting, Bavaria, AMB is strengthening its market position in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, bringing a wide range of solutions based on sustainable, future-oriented thinking to the meat and meat-processing industry.

Innovation and sustainability

Today, sustainability is of ever-growing importance. AMB’s all in one place – offering the complete range of services along the entire process chain from a single source – enables customers to achieve their own as well as EU sustainability targets. The goals set out by the EU commission in its European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy emphasize greater resource conservation, a reduction of plastic waste, and increased recycling. They stipulate that by 2030 all plastic packaging in the EU should be recyclable.

In accordance with this, and in response to the growing ecological awareness of retailers and consumers, AMB have made it their mission to eliminate problematic plastic packaging while simultaneously enabling cost reduction. AMB high barrier Mono PET is one of the most sustainable and recyclable materials, ideal for use in the circular economy, and with an eco-design that is compliant with all EU recycling guidelines. This makes it a unique mono material with a high barrier that guarantees excellent food shelf life while also ensuring versatility, durability and exceptional transparency. To ensure even greater sustainability,

AMB customers can choose up to 100% R-PET. AMB Mono PET bottom films provide high barrier protection without EVOH and can be combined with floatable lidding peel film or a mono PET on the top to make a perfect sustainable pack.

Cost reduction and enhanced performance

Using AMB’s outstanding Mono PET films, the company worked with a leading Italian ham manufacturer to improve packaging and reduce costs. The exceptional results of this collaboration were made possible by AMB’s “all in one place” concept. At the outset, the existing thermoformed product pack for the range of processed meat and ham was tested to establish areas of improvement. Then a new pack geometry was developed to enable a reduction in the PET/PE film gauge. The re-design of the bottom tray ensures pack stability throughout packing process and into the retail shelf. At the same time point-of-sale optics and performance in terms of product shelf life were improved. The downgauging led to a significant reduction in costs as well as enhanced sustainability. AMB experts supplied not only the new pack design including all improvements but also the tool manufacturing to implement the new design. This resulted in €360,000 of cost savings on material per year, a 20% reduction in weight and a 93% load test improvement, with no impediment to the ongoing thermoforming packing process.

All in one place

AMB’s ‘all in one place’ concept offers unique opportunities to the company’s customers. The ability to provide concept design, tool manufacturing, product specifications as well as print design and application means that all individual costs can be considered in one overall concept. This enables flexible thinking at various points to improve cost efficiency. Giles Peacock, COO of AMB explains: “This approach provides AMB with a complete overview and deep knowledge of our customers’ business and the markets our customers serve. It allows for feedback, new ideas and clever thinking to create a more streamlined process.

Supply chain delays decrease, and operations become more efficient. This in turn has a positive impact on both costs and customer service.”


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