Compostable lidding solution for blueberry trays

Italian fresh produce supplier, Sant’Orsola, has chosen renewable and compostable NatureFlex™ as a key component of it’s lidding film for a new Eco pack used to package their new zero residue* blueberries.

Sant’Orsola blueberries are grown and harvested at sites in Sicily and Calabria, Italy. The Zero Residue* Blueberry is currently grown using the soilless technique, a cultivation method that reduces the risk of plant disease, limits the treatments necessary to protect them and ensures up to 30% lower water consumption compared to soil crops. They also encourage the activity of useful insects in the countryside, helpful to carry out two different fundamental activities: defence and pollination.

Inline with their sustainability ethos, Santa’Orsola has chosen an Eco packaging option for their environmentally conscious consumer. The packaging comprises an uncoated cellulose tray and a lidding film, supplied by leading Italian converter in compostable solutions, Corapack. The lidding is comprised of NatureFlex laminated to a biofilm sealant layer. The NatureFlex film used in this application provides the right film stability and a printable layer, as well as being a sustainable packaging choice.

NatureFlex™ films are renewable and compostable. They are produced from sustainable wood pulp harvested from responsibly managed plantations and are certified to both EU (EN13432) and US (ASTM D6400) composting standards. In addition to industrial composting, NatureFlex has also reached the TŰV Austria OK Compost Home standard required.

The converted lidding solution is highly renewable and suitable for industrial composting. Combined with cellulose trays, this is the type of solution that the packaging industry is currently looking for, for fresh produce wrapping. A highly renewable, compostable alternative that can be composted with fruit and vegetable scraps!

Mr Fabrizio Radice, Corapack, said; “We have used NatureFlex for many years now and it is a great film for conversion; just like conventional packaging films. We are pleased to be able to supply our customers with a sustainable alternative that also really works to protect the product. This lidding film is ideal from fresh produce.”

The blueberries are a seasonal product and are harvested in the months of March, April and May. They are available to buy in the best supermarkets, and fruit and vegetable shops in Italy.

*CSQA DTP 021 – CERT.N.57433 Synthetic chemicals residues lower than the limit of measurability (<0,01 mg/kg)


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