Further patent approvals expand PulPac’s IP portfolio in Dry Molded Fiber, which now spans 44 national approvals

PulPac’s solid IP foundation for the Dry Molded Fiber technology keeps growing. The Chinese, Russian and Swedish Patent Offices has granted patents in different patent families.


Including these approvals, PulPac now has a portfolio of 44 national approvals and hundreds of pending approvals within over 15 patent families, which cover various aspects of Dry Molded Fiber technology for sustainable fiber based packaging and single-use products.

”These grants continue to widen protection and applicability of the Dry Molded Fiber production process as well as advances the positions of all our licensees. PulPac continues to enjoy significant attention from major industry players and are very excited for further developments that will be made public later in 2021. Naturally, we will continue to invest heavily to industrialize Dry Molded Fiber as the leading sustainable solution for circular packaging and sustainable single-use products.”, says Ove Larsson, founder and Chief Technology Officer at PulPac.




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