Discover the power of

plant-based EXBERRY®

colours as GNT returns

to Fi Europe


GNT returned to Fi Europe at Messe Frankfurt (30 November–2 December 2021) to highlight how EXBERRY® Coloring Foods can deliver on many of the biggest trends in the food and drink industry today.

Located at booth 31C40, the company’s experts will be available throughout the event to discuss how EXBERRY® can serve your project requirements. Our plant-based coloring concentrates are ideally placed to help products match up to modern expectations, from Instagrammability and clean labeling to the plant-based and sustainability trends.

Clean-label colors

Visual appeal has always been crucial to product success and, in the era of social media, achieving an eye-catching appearance has become more important than ever.

At the same time, consumers now want to see naturally formulated products with ingredients they know and trust. Today, 56% worldwide say they actively look to avoid artificial ingredients, with the same proportion saying they search for products that contain recognizable ingredients.[1]

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods fit perfectly with what shoppers want to see. These plant-based coloring concentrates can deliver vibrant shades from across the whole rainbow for almost any food and beverage application.

They are made from non-GMO fruit, vegetables and plants using physical processing methods such as chopping, filtering and boiling. Based on the concept of coloring food with food, they can be eaten at any stage of the manufacturing process.

Due to the way they are created, our colors are considered food ingredients rather than additives within the EU and do not require E-numbers. As such, they are ideal for clean and clear label declarations. For example, they might be described on the ingredient list as something like “Coloring Food (concentrate of beetroot and carrot)” or simply “concentrates (beetroot and carrot).”

In addition, the crops used to create our colors are grown by farmers working on long-term contracts as part of our vertically integrated supply chain. This enables us to offer full raw material traceability and year-round availability. It also allows for optimal crop quality and price stability for our farmers, our customers, and ourselves.

A sustainable solution

Consumers’ increasing awareness around climate change means producing sustainable food and drink is rapidly becoming essential. In creating EXBERRY®, we drive industry standards higher by aligning naturalness and sustainability.

We work with our farmers to implement environmentally friendly agricultural practices and we have taken many important steps to boost

sustainability. These include increasing the color intensity of our crops, reducing transit at every stage, installing solar panels, and switching all our production sites to green electricity.

We’re now working to take our sustainability credentials to the next level by 2030. We have set out a plan to reduce our carbon footprint across the total supply chain, strive for net zero environmental impact across our operations, preserve and restore nature for future generations, and care for people throughout the whole value chain.

Perfect for plant-based

As a plant-based coloring solution, Coloring Foods are ideal for plant-based food and drink.

With more vegan-friendly options on the shelf than ever before, it is vital that plant-based products deliver a fresh and appealing appearance. In this health- and ethics-driven category, consumers are also motivated to demand clean-label, plant-based ingredients.

With EXBERRY®, it’s possible to create the natural, sustainable and visually appealing plant-based products that consumers want to see. We’ve spent many years developing a wide range of solutions to perfectly replicate the appearance of meat, dairy and fish products.

Brilliant for beverages

EXBERRY® is highly versatile and can also be used to color almost any type of beverage. Our Coloring Foods can provide an ideal alternative to artificial and additive colorants in everything from carbonated soft drinks to smoothies to alcoholic drinks.

For example, EXBERRY® can provide a variety of red and purple shades as a clean-label replacement for low-strength anthocyanins and anthocyanin-containing extracts. They can deliver a consistent hue without browning, sediment or haze. They also avoid foaming during bottling processes and provide excellent stability. In-factory, this means 100% usage is possible and efficient line running is supported. Importantly for the consumer, these red and purple EXBERRY® coloring solutions are all SO2-free and suitable for kosher and halal diets.

Our Coloring Foods are ideal for the better-for-you alcoholic beverage movement, too, providing powerful shades that support trends from seltzers to beer mixers to RTD cocktails. They can help brands cater to the growing demand for healthier ‘low and no’ options, whether injecting bold colors to pair with fruity flavors or supporting botanical options with softer pastel shades.

Superb for sweet treats

Confectionery brands are increasingly switching to healthier and more natural formulations in response to shifting consumer demands. In fact, nearly seven in ten globally say they consider natural claims appealing in products such as candies, gummies, hard-boiled sweets and functional confectionery.[2]

EXBERRY® is now widely used to create vibrant confectionery products with clean and clear labels. Our new green shades are a perfect example. EXBERRY® Shade Jade Green and Shade Lime Green are both liquid-based and made from the on-trend ingredients spirulina and turmeric. They can be used to deliver spectacular green shades in products including gummies, jellies and hard- and soft-panned confectionery.

A new standard for colors

The recent publication of the Natural Food Colours Association (NATCOL)’s Code of Practice for Coloring Foods in Europe represents an important milestone for the industry, providing support for producers and users alike.

The Code covers principles of classification, source materials, manufacturing, quality control and safety, including labeling and use requirements as well as distinctions between Coloring Foods and color additives. It is designed to ensure transparency and harmonization of practices across the industry as well as consistency of interpretation for all operators.

It is not only significant for the European market but will also serve as best practice to support the further global regulatory development of Coloring Foods.


Join GNT at FiE

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods can be used to maximize the appeal of almost any food and beverage application and represent a future-proof solution to evolving consumer demands.

Making the switch to EXBERRY® is easy, too. We offer support and inspiration — from color matching to finished concept development — and can help you achieve a smooth transition from prototype to fully commercialized product.

We have more than four decades’ experience working with Coloring Foods, which has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of which raw materials and processing methods are best suited to each application. This means we are able to provide effective solutions for almost any requirement. We have extensive knowledge of color performance through the supply chain, too, giving you reassurance over color stability throughout the shelf life.

Join us at Fi Europe to discover how Coloring Foods can help your products cater to modern consumer demands and achieve their full potential.



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