Hi-line offers smart and cost-effective way of meeting replacement compressed air filtration requirements

Hi-line Industries, an established and reputable UK manufacturer of high-quality compressed air purification equipment, is able to offer a cost-effective and proven way of meeting the ongoing demand for replacement compressed air filters. Rather than pay for expensive and often low-efficiency OEM filters, an increasing number are turning to Hi- line’s vast range of alternative elements, which frequently provide an ‘upgrade’ on competitor solutions at less cost.
Hi-line is not only renowned for its proprietary range of high-quality filter housings and energy-efficient elements, but its vast range of alternative elements to ‘upgrade’ and replace competitor products. There is no longer any need to pay a premium for replacement compressed air filters as Hi-line’s alternative range of flow elements can cost circa 60-70% less than those available from compressor manufacturers. When considering there could be four elements on one system, the saving is significant.
The alternative elements produced by Hi-line provide an exact match with the size and connection specifications of the originals. Hi-line’s elements offer at least the
performance of the original, although in many cases they actually provide higher performance because the company upgrades the technology. For instance, Hi-line uses pleated filter media rather than wrapped as it offers four times the cross-sectional area of standard elements.
The larger cross-sectional area provides a number of important advantages, includinglower pressure drop, which in turn saves energy as the compressor does not have to work as hard to force air through the filter. Further benefits include higher contamination- holding capacity, longer service life and greater flow characteristics – all for less financial outlay.
Hi-line alternative filter elements with ‘pleated’ media allow the original housing to give users the high-performance, low-cost filtration features enjoyed by Hi-line filter elements. However, Hi-line can of course supply its own die-cast aluminium filter housings, which are subject to alu-chrome treatment on both external and internal surfaces, and finished (externally) with a tough epoxy baked-on paint in compressed air blue (RAL 5015). These treatments provide long-term protection, even when subject to the harshest of conditions.
Another major advantage of using Hi-line is availability. The company stocks alternative elements worth a total of more than £1 million at its Midlands factory, ensuring circa 167,000 filter elements/cartridges are available for next-day delivery and installation. The Hi-line sales team takes advantage of fully computerised cross referencing software to ensure the swift turnaround of enquiries for same-day despatch.

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