Lactalis Ingredients meets the needs of the condensed milk market

Lactalis Ingredients completes its offer of skimmed milk powder with a high heat, heatstable (HHHS) quality. This new reference is suitable for condensed milk producers looking for a skimmed milk powder heat-stable for their process.

The condensed milk, a dynamic market driven by the Middle East and Latin America
Consumption of evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk continues to grow and is expected to
register an average annual growth of 2% from 2019 to 2024. This growth comes from Latin America, the
Middle East, and to a lesser extent from Asia. Using fresh local milk to produce dairy products in these
areas is not always easy, because of the low milk collection. That is why some producers have to use milk
powders as a substitute for liquid milk.

Skimmed milk powder HHHS, a specific quality adapted to the production of condensed milk
Lactalis Ingredients launches a new reference of skimmed milk powder in its plant of Ravensburg, Germany. This
skimmed milk powder, called HHHS, is suitable for the production of evaporated and sweetened condensed milk, as
it is stable at in-can sterilisation temperature.
The powder is made by drying fresh pasteurised skimmed milk, which undergoes a specific heat treatment. The goal
of this heat treatment is to denature the protein to obtain a heat-stable powder and prevent the coagulation of the
protein during the production of condensed milk.

Lactalis Ingredients skimmed milk powder HHHS features
Suitable for evaporated and sweetened condensed milk:
* heat-stable at in-can sterilisation temperature
* low thermophilic spores
* good solubility
* preserved dairy taste