Colors & Effects® introduces new Spectrasense™ brand for functional pigments

 Delivering functionality beyond color, Spectrasense™ pigments enable
near-infrared management in plastics, printing and coatings applications.

 Influencing the reflection and transmission at certain wavelengths with
Spectrasense pigments forms a basis for modern technologies.

The Colors & Effects® brand announces its new brand Spectrasense™ for their highly innovative functional pigments. Delivering functionality beyond the coloristic properties of a pigment, the Spectrasense family enables the management of near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths for modern technologies in various applications.

Spectrasense pigments perform in demanding plastic, printing and coatings applications: Their special functionalities significantly reduce the thermal load of dark surfaces through solar heat management in automotive as well as in building and construction. Supporting the industry’s fast emerging requirements, the pigment family also enables laser welding of plastic components with NIR transparent pigments for the top layer and colorless NIR absorbers for the bottom layer. In recycling facilities, functional pigments ensure that engineering plastics are recognized and can stay within the recycling process. For NIR sensor applications used in the environmental mapping of autonomous driving technologies, these pigments enable detectable surfaces with NIR reflective coatings.

“With the introduction of Spectrasense, we strengthen our commitment to providing our customers’ industries with highly functional colorants”, said Stefan Sütterlin, Vice President at Colors & Effects. He specifies: “Unifying our portfolio with this new brand is another step of actively developing pigments that enable NIR management functionalities on surfaces and in substrates.” Today, the product family includes a variety of NIR transparent black pigments and colorless NIR absorbers.

Visit this website to learn more about the new Spectrasense brand. Registered and validated customers can download all technical details about the sophisticated functional pigments unified in the Spectrasense family on the Colors & Effects Pigment Finder.

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