New generation of industrial weight indicators and PCs from Dibal

Dibal, the weighing and labelling solutions provider for retail an industry, updates its industrial weight indicators and PCs offer with the VT-1200 and PC 1200 series, which are characterized by their greater power and robustness

The company has developed these products thinking of the mos demanding industry, not only due to the management and information needs throughout its production process, but also in terms of working and cleaning conditions.

These are the three main advantages of the new generation:

  1. More power and increased response speed

The new equipment have Intel Celeron or Intel i3 processors, depending on the clients’ requirements, have 4 GB memory, and a solid state hard disk. In addition, they are equipped with Windows 10. The aim is to support ERP, MES and other applications.

  1. More robust

This generation has the IP65 and IP67 certificates against the entry of external agents: dust and water. Both certificates ensure that the equipment are totally dustproof; in the case of IP65 it also certifies that they are protected against continuous jets of water, and IP67 ensures that they are protected against temporary immersions.

The new genertion has been designed to work in the most demanding working ( between 0ºC and 40ºC and up to 99% humidity) and cleaning environments

  1. New weighing and labelling functionalities for industrial environments

The company also offers a weighing and labelling software for those customers who do not have their own application. This software has specific functionalities designed for companies supplying food retailers.


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