Anderol B.V. launches new extreme long life synthetic screw compressor lubricant

Anderol B.V. has launched a new synthetic compressor lubricant with extreme long life properties.


Available for food grade and industrial applications, Anderol® SYNcom (FG) HiPerf 46 is a high performance screw compressor lubricant specially formulated to last a full maintenance cycle.


Along with its extreme long life properties, the lubricant has been developed to provide low deposit formation, outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, as well as low evaporation, fast water separation and copper and steel protection.


Ingrid Ooms, Global Technical Manager at Anderol B.V. explained: “Equipment can operate for much longer without interruption with Anderol® SYNcom (FG) HiPerf 46   which means reduced maintenance requirements and enhanced productivity. It also offers a more sustainable solution as the longer oil life properties means less oil consumption and less waste.


Close partnership working with our original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) has been crucial to the successful development of Anderol® SYNcom (FG) HiPerf 46 which meets the needs of the compressor equipment whilst helping to lessen the environmental impact.”


Anderol B.V., the European producer of Anderol® products, is a wholly owned subsidiary of specialty chemicals company LANXESS, a globally leading independent solutions provider for the lubricants market across the full value chain.


The Anderol® product line consists of high-performance synthetic lubricants formulated specifically for industrial and food-grade applications. Anderol® fluids support lubrication needs in applications such as compressor and vacuum pumps, heavy duty gears and bearings, hydraulic and chains as well as H1 plant lubrication for the food and animal feed industries.


Anderol® products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide and are manufactured in Europe (Belgium), North America (USA) and Asia (China).


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