SaveMoneyCutCarbon helps food and drink production businesses fight viruses with Vyv antimicrobial light

SaveMoneyCutCarbon, a UK-based lighting and energy specialist company, is partnering with Vyv to bring innovative antimicrobial light technology (405nm) that kills* viruses to the UK.
This is an important step forward for food and drink production businesses who are looking for ways to protect their patients and staff from infection.  Tests show that Vyv’santimicrobial UV free light LED technology is effective against viruses as wellas bacteria, mould fungi and yeast on surfaces.
This revolutionary technology comes at a time when the best hygiene is top of everyone’s agenda together with the beneficial effects it has on the safety of customers and staff wellness.
Vyv’s visible light technology, which meets international standards for continuous and unrestricted use 24/7 around people, animals and plants, recently verified, through an independent third-party lab study, that Vyv’s antimicrobial LED products are effective against non-enveloped viruses, which are the most difficult class of virus to kill*. Vyv’s patented technology utilises light in the 405nm wavelength (outside the UV spectrum) that is proven through numerous studies to be effective against viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi, and yeast.
A further independent pre-publication study into 405 nm visible light demonstrated compelling results destroying SARS-CoV-2 at light levels that could be expected in an overhead lighting situation. This second study demonstrates efficacy results using ranges of light in the 400-420nm range on inactivating enveloped viruses. Whilst UV-C solutions provide antimicrobial germicidal disinfection using light, Vyv provides uninterrupted preventative protection against microorganisms through its patented biotechnology delivered through continuous high-quality visible light. The Vyvsolution is unique in its ability to provide continuous use while providing protection in occupied spaces.
Mark Sait, CEO of SaveMoneyCutCarbon said: “We are both proud and excited to be introducing this groundbreaking light technology to the UK, with its tested efficacy in killing* viruses. The overhead LED products can be used in the widest range of environments, where people gather, work and study.

Areas where Vyv lighting can bring continuous antimicrobial protection include: Offices, Hospitals, Gyms, Doctors’surgeries, Schools, Care Homes and hospices, Universities, Colleges, Private medical centres, Hotels, Food production plants, Restaurants, Indoor agriculture, Venues, Public transport.
Colleen Costello, Vyv CEO and co-founder, said: “The implications of this are vast because, unlike harmful UV-C light, Vyv’s patented technology can be used continuously and without restriction 24/7around people, animals and plants. The recent findings of enhanced efficacy against viruses greatly expand the antimicrobial impact delivered to spaces currently protected with Vyv technology, as well as in new spaces. With our overhead LED products, Vyv is already lighting offices, schools and school buses, athletic centres, factories, and hospitals.
We’re also embedding the same technology in many challenging spaces, including behind elevator buttons, inside consumer products such as humidifiers and bathroom fans, and in airplanes, trains and public buses.” Vyv is committed to ongoing research and development advancements of a myriad of new products for healthier spaces and will continue to expand its virus testing in the coming months.

Mark Sait added he is excited by this partnership and what he sees as the proven, validated, game-changing technology behind it.

He said: “SaveMoneyCutCarbon has delivered hundreds of LED lighting projects linked to improving building efficiency and now we can use this experience combined with Vyv antimicrobial LED technology to enhance building wellness at a critical time, as we move to a post-lockdown world.”

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