Seltzer system is a game changer for the UK soft drinks industry

The beverage industry in the UK is set to be shaken and stirred by the launch of an exciting new automated processing system – dubbed a soft drinks factory in a box – that will take the hard labour out of producing carbonated products.

Bristol-based AMBRO Systems Ltd, a leading equipment supplier to the drinks industry, is the sole UK distributor of the ground-breaking Seltzer System, a total turn key solution for processing carbonated soft drinks, incorporating the mixing of flavoured powders and syrups into water and filling in a variety of cans and bottles lines.

As well as producing the consumer demand led seltzers at around 10p a can, the skid-mounted unit can also be customised for liquid foods such as yogurts, soups and sauces. It allows processors to add a twist to their usual ranges by taking full advantage of its modular design, which means almost any additional kit, different recipes and dosing points can be accommodated.

Devised from a similar system for the brewing industry, the flexible Seltzer also offers soft drinks manufacturers new product development opportunities, the modular set-up giving customers free access levels to the system’s software to change ingredients or increase recipes at the touch of a button as and when required.

Space efficient – it can fit in a 20-foot container making it even suitable for a mezzanine area – and portable, the Seltzer can be moved within a factory or transported to another facility if needed as it can literally be taken off a lorry, unwrapped and placed in position.

Easy to operate and ideal for short or long production runs, the cost of the Seltzer is roughly half of its main competitor on the market, says AMBRO, with further savings to be made down the line as the automated production process reduces manual intervention.

AMBRO’s director, Edward Scott, explained: “A soft drinks factory can involve a lot of manual intervention. In the project we are currently working on, our system will reduce the company’s need for manual labour to do tedious things like mixing and diluting syrups and powders. These can be performed automatically and more accurately by the Seltzer System so you don’t need to allocate staff to the job and eliminate costs associated with rework.”

Designed and manufactured to fully hygienic standards with an aseptic option, lead time for delivery is four months with installation and commissioning taking just three days. During the factory acceptance test (FAT) customers are taken through all levels of the HMI to ensure everything is displayed as wanted, whether it is different layouts, icons or hierarchy of menus.

Fully flexible, this drinks factory in a box can be supplied with features such as a deaerated water plant – an air stripping column to make your process more CO2 efficient which is good for the environment – a high pressure carbonator, a sterile buffer tank, a flash pasteuriser and numerous dosing points. A glycol chiller can also be added if needed as well as a packaging line.

AMBRO supplies bespoke solutions to suit the UK drinks industry needs. In addition to significant experience supplying the brewing industry, the company is also able to supply automated systems for the soft drinks sector that can help put the fizz into profits.

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