Silvery Tweed hits the (virtual) road

Following the success of last year, Silvery Tweed Cereals will once again take its popular product roadshow to NPD teams across the UK this summer. However, this year there is a twist.

Previous roadshows have seen the team travel to meet prospective and existing customers to talk about the latest food trends and show how they can be incorporated into bakery and cereal products. In light of COVID-19, and the rise in remote working, the cereals and grains supplier will hold the 2020 roadshows virtually.

Head of NPD at Silvery Tweed Cereals Julie Telfer said, “We’re pleased to be bringing the NPD roadshows back for 2020, in a slightly different format that makes the most of technology. Whilst we are always happy to talk about any of our products, the focus for this year is on coated cereals and granola products.

“We had lots of positive feedback last year on how interactive the roadshows are, and that will certainly continue. We have lots of information on food trends to share, but we also provide an open platform for people to ask questions and explore product ideas. We’ll take people through the most popular 2020 food trends, show how they translate into innovative cereal products, and provide samples for tasting.”

A leading supplier to the UK breakfast cereal, bread and bakery markets, Silvery Tweed, manufactures a variety of cereal products, ranging from the straightforward – flour, cereal flakes, grain and seed blends – to the unusual, with bespoke products such as coated puffed grains and granola supplied to many of the UK’s top cereal and bakery brands.


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