Sokol helps manufacturers get saucy — Trending savory sauces are within reach

Sokol Custom Food Ingredients, a family-owned company that has been developing custom food formulations for 125 years, recently highlighted their latest work in savory sauces and a variety of solutions available for food manufacturers. Sokol co-manufacturing services can help manufacturers overcome formulation and package challenges to create a variety of savory sauces that can accommodate a wide range of consumer dietary considerations such as paleo, Whole30, keto,
vegan, halal, kosher, alternative sugars, and more.
Sokol is a complete one-stop-shop for dressings and sauces. From formulation to packaging and distribution, they help manufacturers get a wide variety of products to market quickly, including marinades, salad dressings, finishing sauces for protein bowls, and dipping sauces. Now, with trends such as the growing number of consumers shifting to plant-based or no/low sugar diets impacting the market, Sokol can help manufacturers overcome formulation challenges with turnkey solutions that meet consumer desire for sauces with enticing savory flavor profiles.
“The Sokol team recently developed a plant-based chipotle ranch sauce to accompany several plant- based sandwiches that have entered the market,” said Shannon Pimmel, Marketing Manager, Sokol. “Regional sauce flavor profiles are also really hot with consumers. Texas-Style and Kansas City-Style barbecue sauces, sauces that play with specific smoke flavor profiles, those that highlight specific peppers such as habanero—or fruit varieties, such as mandarin orange sesame dressing—are being sought out by today’s consumers.”
Savory sauce flavor profiles continue to evolve in today’s marketplace. Sokol offers savory sauce solutions including:
 Regional-specific sauces including Texas-style and Kansas City-Style BBQ sauce
 Sauces featuring trending or special ingredients, such as peppers like habanero, ghost, poblano
 100% plant-based ingredients
 Low sugar, alternative sugar ingredients
 Certified non-GMO, organic, sustainable ingredients
 ‘No fly’ ingredient lists, free-from, allergen-free labels
 Convenient, flexible packaging options: ranging from single-serve pouches to drums
“We are seeing that about 70% of the inquiries coming in for custom sauces now have a ‘no fly’ ingredient list or diet/allergen requirements,” said Kyle Phalen, R&D Food Scientist, Sokol. “Our team is constantly exploring new ingredients and methods to create sauces that meet those requirements. Along with having multiple certifications, such as certified non-GMO, sustainable palm oil, certified organic, etc., our capabilities allow us to deliver a variety of services typically found at much larger companies. At the same time, our team has the flexibility and agility of a small team, so we can quickly meet changes and source new ingredients from our large ingredient library, if something isn’t working or needs to be adjusted.”
“We also work with customers in development sessions and are very transparent with them in each step of our process,” Phalen added. “Whether they would like to see our production lines running or prefer to collaborate with our R&D specialists on formulation, we are here to deliver solutions quickly. Some organizations only pull from their own library of formulas, or they make you bring them a formula before they will co-pack with you. Sokol can really do it all—from formula matching to using your formula, all the way to creating something entirely new based on your vision.”
Sokol offers the industry complete turnkey solutions that ensure consistently high-quality savory sauce products. Their services can include ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, inventory control, and shipping. They offer a variety of packaging options, from rigid bottles and jars, to bulk, to pouching in a variety of sizes and substrates, which is becoming increasingly popular with meal kits and at-home cooking. Sokol also accommodates any need for kosher, halal, gluten free, organic and non-GMO manufacturing.
“We work with customers to create custom formulations and packaging solutions designed to suit specific needs and, ultimately, bolster your place in the market,”
said Phalen. “Sokol is your one-stop shop for custom food ingredient ideas and innovations, with the ability to help you get to market quicker.”

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