Successful collaboration on best-selling vegetarian products

The Neuburger HERMANN brand opts for recyclable, resource-saving film packaging from Schur Flexibles

Wiener Neudorf, 08. September 2020 – Today Schur Flexibles is one of the leading providers of sustainable flexible packaging and continuously seeks to expand its portfolio of innovative, resource-saving and recyclable packaging solutions. Projects with innovative food companies enable Schur Flexibles to demonstrate the Group’s advanced expertise in sustainability and underscore the idea of ecological products with matching packaging concepts. This is how Schur Flexibles was able to win Neuburger Fleischlos GmbH as a cooperation partner for their exceptional range of HERMANN products.

Original, patented European food innovation from Neuburger

Meat free products are booming. The fact that many consumers wholly or partially refrain from eating meat is motivating classic meat manufacturers to rethink. The Neuburger family business from Ulrichsberg in Upper Austria has been successful for over 80 years with its delicious “Neuburger”, the company’s own version of the traditional regional “Leberkäse” meat product. In 2016, the company launched a completely new product line: sausages, schnitzel and minced meat with the HERMANN vegetarian range of products. With this brand, Hermann Neuburger and his son Thomas created a genuine European food innovation that caused a stir in the industry. The vegetarian product line – with organic ingredients and entirely free of additives – uses as its basic ingredient the king oyster mushroom. The company now has a Europe-wide patent and its own mushroom cultivation in Ulrichsberg (Austria). With the HERMANN range, Neuburger is committed to healthy living and careful use of environmental resources. This includes finding new, resource-saving packaging solutions. Neuburger’s ecological overall concept is rounded off by Schur Flexibles’ film solutions which provide sustainable packaging.

Mindful use of resources – also in packaging

The HERMANN range has been a huge success for Neuburger. HERMANN has been available in Austria since autumn 2016, and in Germany since summer 2018. In Germany, the export share of total turnover of the HERMANN range has rapidly increased to 40%. Neuburger has received multiple awards for the innovative product line, including the 2019 Austrian sustainability award TRIGOS in the category “Regional Value Creation” and the Austrian business award “Pegasus” in the category “Future Visions”. As a meat producer, the family business has always been committed to responsible meat consumption as evidenced by the campaign “Neuburger twice a week is enough”.

In cooperation with Schur Flexibles, the percentage of plastic used in existing packaging was reduced by 80% to an absolute minimum. As a pioneer for innovative and sustainable packaging, the Schur Flexibles Group with its headquarters in Vienna offers a large portfolio of ecological solutions and ultimately enabled ideal results. Neuburger Fleischlos GmbH opted for the recyclable, high-performance VACUflex(re) EX-T as the bottom film. This film is made of polyolefins and combines excellent machinability with highest product protection, due to the EVOH barrier and best processing capability on all common thermoformers. VACUflex(re) EX-T is used in conjunction with the transparent, easily recyclable FlexTop(re) top film. Despite the 80% (material weight) reduction in plastic of the tray packaging, this recyclable alternative provides utmost product safety and reliable sealing properties.

First-class film properties, outstanding service

“Schur Flexibles scored highly with several film properties, including excellent processing on packaging machines, high transparency of the material, suitability for pasteurization and smooth peelability when opening the final packaging. It was crucial for both sides that the new packaging provides easy recyclability at the same time as offering all these basic properties. In addition, our outstanding service was important to our customer. We carried out a successful test phase in close cooperation with the machine manufacturer and we are very pleased about the introduction of the new packaging solution with Neuburger,” explains Fritz Humer, CSO at Schur Flexibles.

The combination of VACUflex(re) EX-T and FlexTop(re) enables a packaging system that demonstrates good recyclability and is a perfect fit with the sustainable HERMANN concept