V-Shapes continues single-dose packaging innovation with high quality inline printing

AlphaFlex features synchronized printing on both sides of single-dose sachets, powered by Memjet and ColorGATE, a quantum leap in engineering achievement


V-Shapes, an innovative supplier of vertically integrated products and services for convenient, hygienic and sustainable single-dose packaging, today announced the launch of the V-Shapes AlphaFlex fill and seal packaging/converting machine for on-demand production of its unique single-dose sachets that can be opened with a single gesture using one hand. This compact, professional-grade system features high quality synchronized printing on both sides of the sachets, Powered by Memjet DuraFlex® and ColorGATE Packaging Productionserver. This unique machine now brings vertical integration of high volume production of single-dose sachets on site, speeding time to market and eliminating the need to outsource printing or accomplish it as a separate offline step.

“The introduction of AlphaFlex takes our solution to the next level in a way the market has never seen before,” says Jesper Gustavsson, Business Development & Founding Partner of V-Shapes. “As promised, we have now integrated in-line printing into our six-lane ALPHA machine enabling packaging converters/fillers to accomplish the complete manufacturing process of our unique single-dose sachets under one roof with a compact footprint with full color branding available on both sides of the sachet, in line, on demand and with the industry’s highest quality. We are grateful for the collaborative efforts of both Memjet and ColorGATE in helping us bring this sophisticated and very unique configuration to market.”


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