VPK introduces one brand for all corrugated packaging divisions

VPK’s corrugated packaging division will operate under a single brand name: VPK Packaging. The new name replaces the Rigid, Ondulys and Peterson brands in the UK, Ireland, France and the Nordic countries respectively. A new unified logo and visual identity reflect the overarching vision of the future that continues to foster environmental responsibility and local customer relationships.

New growth strategy targets international and local customer segments

In the last seven years, VPK’s international growth has been especially strong. Recent acquisitions, including Peterson in Scandinavia (a joint venture with Klingele Paper and Packaging Group), an increased shareholding in CorrBoard the UK corrugated sheet manufacturer, tube producer Corenso and expansions in both Western and Eastern Europe, have led to a doubling of consolidated turnover.

This international expansion will now be reflected in a single VPK brand for the whole corrugated packaging division. From 1st October, VPK Packaging will replace the Rigid brand name alongside Ondulys and Peterson in France, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The unified corrugated packaging brand will increase the focus on the growing international customer base.

CEO Pierre Macharis said: “Our aim is to take sustainable growth to the next level, both ecologically and economically. We will think and act globally, but without losing the connection with our local customers and their products. Bringing sustainable, fully recyclable packaging to the market within a circular economic model will remain our core business. Staying true to our unique DNA, but with a clearer focus on international growth.”

The introduction of the new branding strategy comes with a new logo and visual identity, inspired by VPK’s environmental responsibility in sustaining the circular economy as well as four common company values: ownership, trust, care and beyond.

Wim Messiaen, COO of the Corrugated Packaging Division, said: “The central brand highlights our vision of sustainable business and growth, supported by international relationship management and a bigger emphasis on innovation in the network of our businesses. Our new brand enables employees and customers to identify more easily with the organisation and our values.

With this new branding strategy, we as a company are signalling our aims, vision and values to a constantly changing world, and honing our products and services to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We want to offer more transparency by communicating from a single brand and letting our structures grow organically in line with the network of our customers.”

In addition to VPK Packaging, VPK Group’s overall brand portfolio includes Corex for core and tube production, Smart Packaging Solutions for the production of solid board packaging and VPK Paper for the production of recycled paper.



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