Yamato Scale Dataweigh introduces x-ray inspection to Natures Way Foods

Yamato Scale has installed Natures Way Food’s first ever x-ray systems at its Selsey plant.

Natures Way Foods is a leading manufacturer of fresh convenient food to major UK supermarkets and food services companies. Its customers include Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Aldi and Greencore Group.

Previously, they have worked with Yamato to expand their facilities, culminating in the creation of the largest bagged salad factory in Europe. Part of this included the installation of 25 checkweigher/metal detection combi systems, do the inclusion of x-ray adds another layer to the site’s quality control protocol.

After one of their customers requested x-ray inspection on a new product being brought into market, Natures Way Food approached Yamato to provide a solution to meet the requirements.

Two of Yamato’s YX20 x-ray systems have now been installed into the Selsey-based facility, enabling the detection of a wide range of contamination across the product range, including metal, ceramics and glass.

Yamato started the process of introducing the x-ray inspection by holding a consultation with Natures Way to understand the requirements that need to be met. From here, sample packaging was provided by Natures Way with which Yamato conducted tests to ensure that the correct equipment was supplied to ensure contaminants would be correctly detected.

Yamato also provided training for the Natures Way team, including guiding them through IRR17 rules for working with x-ray, to ensure the system was used safely and accurately.

Keith Ellis, Engineering Manager at Natures Way Foods, said “Yamato was already a trusted supplier for us, so when we needed to bring x-ray inspection in the facility, they were our first port of call. We were pleased with their ability to test the product ahead of installing the system into our production line and to meet the lead times we required. They have also helped us to understand how to use x-ray effectively in our production, through their guidance and training”.

X-ray is one of the most comprehensive forms of production inspection on the market, and has grown in popularity in the food sector. By using it, manufacturers can safeguard their products against a broad range of contaminants to promote product quality and protect consumers. Yamato first launched its x-ray system in 2019.

Nick McLaren, Yamato’s product manager for inspection equipment and regional sales in the South of England, said: “Following our previous work with Natures Way to expand their salad processing facilities and installation of our checkweigher and metal detector combis, we were more than happy to work with them once again to introduce our x-ray systems. We know the company has exceptionally high standards when creating food products and x-ray is a perfect match to maintain these standards and ensure quality.

“Our YX20 systems allow for real-time analysis of output, enabling plants to quickly identify and address issues, including contamination. We also work with every business we supply with the YX20 to ensure they have the appropriate safety measures in place, including staff training and the appointment of a Radiation Protection Supervisor to comply with IRR17 rules.

“We truly believe x-ray offers the highest level of quality control for manufacturers and are delighted to see more companies embracing it.”

Yamato Scale specialises in the provision of technologically advanced weighing and inspection equipment for the food processing industry, including checkweighers, metal detectors and x-ray systems.


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