DTM Print launches LX610e Pro and LX600e – the new dream team

DTM Print, international OEM and solution provider for specialty printing systems, recently announced the EMEA sales start of the two newest colour label printers in its portfolio: LX610e Pro and LX600e.

Compared to other similarly priced colour label printers, these two offer outstanding advantages:

  • Print Quality: colour inkjet printing at up to 4800 dpi without horizontal banding – even on the fastest print speeds.
  • Interchangeable Dye or Pigment Inks: with a blink of an eye you can swap-out the ink cartridges to print either with dye-based ink for brilliant, eye-popping colour or with pigment ink for maximum durability against water and UV light.
  • Super Low Maintenance with Single Ink SKU: both printers utilise an ultra-high capacity single CMY ink cartridge. Users will only need to replace and keep on-hand one item instead of multiple. In addition they get a brand new printhead each time they change the cartridge, simplifying maintenance and dramatically lowering on-going operating costs for cleaning and service.
  • Green Footprint: eco-friendly and sustainable with ultra low energy consumption, ultra low weight by using less material, non-toxic ink supplies as well as 100% recyclable components.

In addition, the LX610e Pro integrates digital die-cutting, a unique feature in the desktop printer market. In combination with DTM Genuine Label Stock it produces labels in any size or shape without die costs and waste due to overproduction.

The LX610e Pro includes the easy-to-use software PTCreateTM Pro with auto-trace function that will automatically find the edges of the artwork to print and cut out the label shape regardless of the complexity. Furthermore, both printers come with the label design software BarTender UltraLite and NiceLabel Free 2019 DTM Version. For registered customers using macOS DTM Print offers a free version of Belight Swift Publisher 5.

The LX610e Pro is popular for developing new products helping manufacturers with label design, proofing and trial fitting labels to their containers or packaging, as well as printing short runs of labels. It is not limited to printing one repeated design at a time. It is possible to print and cut out a set of label shapes, say those needed for the front and back and neck of a bottle for example.

In order to use the full performance spectrum of the LX610e Pro and to be able to start immediately with the individual label production, DTM Print now offers its customers an attractive benefit package at a price of € 2,749 (MSRP), consisting of the printer, the PTCreate Pro software, a roll of DTM Paper Semi Gloss die-cutting label material and a guaranteed 2-year warranty.

If no cut to shape labels are needed, the sister product, the LX600e is the budget solution. It is a compact and lightweight desktop colour label printer with a maximum print width of 127 mm (5’’) and a print speed of up to 114 mm (4.5’’) per second. It encompasses all the same quality features of the LX610e Pro without the built-in die-cutting and is available for a price of € 1,895 (MSRP).

DTM Print provides its customers a wide selection DTM certified Genuine Label Stock for both inkjet printers: starting with matte and glossy papers extending to transparent, matte and glossy polyester films as well as specialities like metallic gold and silver, holographic or pre-coloured substrates. All materials are available as pre-die cut or continuous material. Die-cutting substrates with enhanced backing for digital cutting with the LX610e Pro is also available and certified by DTM Print.

LX610e Pro and LX600e are both sold through authorised DTM Print resellers and distributors in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

For all units within the EU (including EFTA countries) DTM Print offers up to 24 months warranty: 12 months provided with the purchase and the option of extra 12 months for free after registering the product on the company website (register.dtm-print.eu) within the first 6 months of purchase.

Complete product details are available at http://dtm-print.eu. Follow DTM Print on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dtm.print.1986/ and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DTM_Print_ .