Activ’Inside finalizes a €16.3 M grant for the Silver Brain Food Project

Activ’Inside, an SME specialized in developing and producing active plant ingredients for the Health Nutrition industries, announces the launch of the Silver Brain Food project. This program is carried out in collaboration with the University Laboratories of NutriNeuro and Bordeaux Population Health, as well as a consortium of industrial companies. Silver Brain Food aims at developing local, personalized solutions, products and services to promote a nutrient-rich diet, essential for brain health, to the elderly, and therefore prevent cognitive decline This research program has a total budget of €16.3 million, including €9.3 million from the Investments for the Future Program (PIA) operated by Bpifrance.

Responding to a major public health issue

While age related cognitive decline is a normal part of the aging process, it can lead to a higher cognitive impairment or disease such as dementia, its main form being Alzheimer’s (around 70% of cases of dementia). This disease currently has no cure and frequently requires treatment by specialized facilities, representingan estimated cost of 23 billion euros per year in France. Activ’Inside started the Silver Brain Food project to respond to this major economic and public health issue.

Prevent cognitive decline through a high neuro-nutritional density diet

Silver Brain Food is a research project that aims at preventing cognitive decline of elderly people thanks to a diet rich in nutrients for brain health. Drawing on the technical, scientific and industrial expertise of the 5 members of the consortium, Silver Brain Food plans to:

  • Develop extracts rich in neuro phytonutrients obtained through an innovative industrial eco-process.
  • Develop a range of high-density neuro-nutritional foods standardized in nutrients scientifically validated for their preventive actions against cognitive decline.
  • Develop digital nutritional coaching solutions and personalized non-stigmatizing follow-up services for individuals and professional caretakers to promote high neuro-nutritional density diet .

On top of these groundbreaking innovations, the project plans to create a network of neighborhood shops offering products and services to promote elderly people’s well-being at home.

A project built on promising results

The launch of the Silver Brain Food project is a continuation of the research work initiated by Activ’Inside:

  • A first study based on epidemiological data conducted by the U1219 Bordeaux Population Health research center (Joint Research Unit (UMR) INSERM-University of Bordeaux) and Activ’Inside demonstrated that people who consume high quantities of a combination of polyphenols, including grapes, had a 50% reduction of the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease!
  • Furthermore, a consortium of industrial and academic partners led by Activ’Inside and the NutriNeuro laboratory (UMR INRAE​​/University of Bordeaux/INP) launched a research project. Conducted between 2011 and 2018, this project highlighted the clinical effectiveness of Memophenol TM, a formulation of polyphenols from grapes and blueberries developed by Activ’Inside, on the normal cognitive decline of elderly people. These results were also deemed promising by a leading international medical journal (JAMA) and a first health claim on Memophenol TMwhich was delivered by health authorities in South Korea in late 2019.

Based on these promising first results, members of Silver Brain Food are now planning to obtain new claims on cognitive decline prevention within 5 years.

Academic and industrial partners – the guarantee of scientific objectification

This project is certified by the Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation, Vitagora and Systematic competitiveness clusters and is supported by the Silver Valley cluster. It calls on the synergy of skills from both industrial and academic partners to ensure scientific objectification.

The project’s industrial partners:

  • The SME Activ’Inside (project leader) which specializes in developing, producing and marketing active plant ingredients (from grapes and saffron) for the Health Nutrition industries, especially the field of neuro nutrition
  • EC6 is an expert in catering and hospital and geriatric nutrition
  • GoodMix is an expert in digital nutritional coaching solutions

In addition to these partners, there is a user committee which will bring together companies likely to test the solutions that will be developed during the project. The first industrial ETI in the food industry has already joined this committee.

The project’s academic partners are:

  • The NutriNeuro Joint Research Unit (UMR) (National Institute for Agronomic Research and the Environment INRAE, University of Bordeaux and Bordeaux INP) which specializes in integrated nutrition and neurobiology
  • The Joint Research Unit (UMR) U1219 “Bordeaux Population Health” (National Institute of Health and Medical Research INSERM-University of Bordeaux) which specializes in epidemiology of nutrition and aging