Conscious chocolate launch 100% cacao bar and recipe book for International Chocolate Day

With International Chocolate Day hitting on September 13th 2020, Conscious Chocolate, industry leaders and pioneers in the healthiest of vegan and organic delights, will be launching their most Intense affair yet to mark the occasion; the sugar-free Pure Dark bar, made with 100% cacao.
Created with a satisfying snap and offering the taste of every part of the cocoa bean, the Pure Dark bar is a sumptuous single-origin chocolate bar, designed for those who enjoy the deepest, darkest of flavours. A truly natural experience, the Pure Dark Bar is made with premium Peruvian cacao, blended perfectly for a strong flavour that is creamy and fully-balanced, without an overpowering bitterness.
The brand will also celebrate the day with their very first recipe Ebook, authored by Conscious Chocolate’s founder, Emma Jackman, which will contain a mouth-watering collection of vegan chocolate wonders to create using all of their fabulous flavours; including cakes, shakes and the now infamous line of alcoholic cocktails that was launched this spring.
Smooth, luxuriant and bursting with raw goodness, the Pure Dark Bar, is the latest innovation from the brand who launched a sumptuously robust Work-From-Home care package in partnership with The Raw Chocolate Company during lockdown and a stunning Rainbow Collection to celebrate Pride Season, with proceeds going to Pride in London.
The Pure Dark Bar and the Conscious Chocolate Recipe Ebook will be available September 13th 2020.